What Age Should A Girl Start Wearing Makeup?


Wearing makeup as a teen was always a struggle in my household. My older sister wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until she was a sophomore in high school—if that. And I’m not talking full out makeup…maybe a light lip gloss or blush if my mom was in a good mood.

I had it a little easier and started wearing lip gloss in maybe 8th grade. But again, it had to be very natural looking colors. I didn’t even touch eyeliner until I was probably 23–it honestly scared me because I had no experience using it.

Back then, I thought my mom was being cruel and was out to make my teenage years miserable. Now I’m thankful. These days I can’t help but to get aggravated to see Kris Jenner allowing her daughters Kylie,13, and Kendall, 15, look so grown, with body hugging clothes and heavy makeup. I understand it’s Hollywood, but these girls look like grown women…even in their Christmas cards. Meanwhile, I’m trying to revert back to looking like a 15 year old.

Check out these recent photos of Kylie and Kendall:

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