1. Tina Bitsy says:

    Haha an MTV Music award – is she SERIOUS? Oh boy I really hope that the rest of the world isn’t desperate enough like her to listen to music by a 33 year old really trying her darnedest to act like she’s 18! I will admit I listened to some of it giving her the benefit of the doubt and I my opinion never wavered – DESPERATE! I do think she has an okay voice, but the format she chose is an easy route in terms of dance music is easiest to break into – so many one hit wonders in this category! Not to mention the fact that her lyrics are that of a high school girl – so catty. It really shows how bad she’s ridding TG’s coattails that she even has to reference her in her music to stay relevant. My biggest question to MeGo is if she’s always had a dream of being a singer, where are her YouTube videos (format of choice for aspiring singers) where she sings her heart out in hopes of being recognized. There are none, because she wanted to earn a quick buck. That to me is an insult for those that have true singing talent and work their buts of to become successful and then you get this J-Lo wannabe that is to old to be singing the way she does.

    1. Shasta says:

      Wow someone has issues. If doing what you love makes you money and makes u and yor family happy tell everyone else to quit being haters and get a life. Oh yeah what is your go to foundation?

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