Dedra Whitt Dishes on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer’s Post-Divorce Look, and More!


Fans of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were first introduced to Dedra Whitt season 1 as Camille Grammer’s BFF and personal makeup artist. With over 15 years under her makeup belt, Whitt has worked with Hollywood’s elite, from Jessica Biel to Mila Kunis. Fiercely loyal to Camille both on and off camera through some of her toughest days, Whitt is the best gal-pal you could ask for: tissue in one hand, gloss in the other.

A Beauty Loft caught up with the busy makeup maven and mom to dish on her career as a Hollywood makeup artist, her friendship with Camille, and Beverly Hills worthy beauty tips!

Was a career in makeup your first choice? How did you get started? Well, I hate to say it but acting was my first career. Which is so ironic now being that my best friend is on this show and I am once again in front of the camera. Life and it’s full circle. Anyway, I always loved makeup. I have always loved the transformation it makes. The way it makes a woman feel. The expression of it.

How did you get into makeup for celebrities? Living in LA it was natural.  I was more of a fashion girl though. Campaigns for Guess and Rampage. Shoots with Herb Ritts. I love editorial. There are so many celebs in LA though, it is just part of the deal.

What are the biggest perks of what you do? Traveling to places you wouldn’t normally get to go. Being in locations you wouldn’t normally get to be in. Every day is new and fresh and creative. The job is a perk in itself.

Negatives? The uncertainty. The reliance on someone else’s whim and fancy.

Any tips for aspiring makeup artists looking to follow in your footsteps? Do every job you can, even if it doesn’t pay enough. You never know who you might meet. Be a true artist. Hone your craft. Look at images in books and magazines constantly for inspiration. Always strive for perfection. Settle for nothing less.

How did you and Camille become friends? We were shoe models together in New York. Enzo Angiolini.

What’s it like being in front of the camera instead of behind the scenes for RHOBH? It’s weird. I have to admit. But fun kinda too. The whole thing is a trip. Everyone definitely has their own personality. You can’t make this s*$t up!

What are some of your favorite makeup looks and products to use on Camille? Ok, this is where it get’s fun for me. Camille is beautiful and even more beautiful without makeup. She has gorgeous skin! I love using colors on her like purple and green and blending a soft smokey eye. We use Armani foundation and Chanel lip glosses. I bring out her true beauty by not packing on the makeup. Creating a dewy finish to her skin and shimmer on her eyes.

Let’s talk Camille’s look season 2. Has her look changed at all post-divorce? Sure. We’ve played up her confident, single self for sure! More straight, sexy hair. Again, shimmer and sexy looks without looking like a tart.

5 Tips beauty tips you’d like to pass on to the readers. 1. It starts with the skin. exfoliate and hydrate. Without beautiful skin, it doesn’t matter what you put on top. Use a Clarisonic brush once a day. 2. Get lots of sleep. That is the best trick for beauty. I sleep like 9-10 hours a night. 3. Use a great concealer. If you can’t get 10 hours of sleep it will give you the appearance of it. Chanel makes a great one. Mally makes a great one. Something creamy and warm in hue. 4. When applying makeup, less is definitely more. Accentuate the positives in your appearance. Don’t mask them. 5. Stay out of the sun. it  is the worst. Unfortunately, thank you ozone layer!!

What can we see in the future from Dedra? Makeup line, perhaps? I would love a makeup line. Are you kidding?! I have so many ideas but for now just being the best I can be here in the moment. Not pushing the future too much. I want to work on big campaigns and helping people look and feel the best they can. That’s all I really want. When someone smiles when they see themselves and says they love the way they look. That’s what makes my day!!

Keep up with Dedra and her awesome beauty tips on her blog, facebook, and twitter! Thanks, Dedra!


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