Guest Post: Makeup Tips for Mediterranean Chicas!

Guest post time! Today we have some tips for women of Mediterranean decent, such as the gorgeous Maria Menounos. Enjoy 🙂

Mediterranean women are considered to be beautiful, sexy and mysterious looking all at the same time. A combination of olive skin tone, dark hair and bright eyes are to thank for their looks. Mediterranean women often find that they can do no wrong when it comes to makeup, however for those that want to brush up on their skills here are a few tips and tricks that are easy to follow.

Natural Skin

Unless you have dark spots or flawed skin stay away from foundation and cover up. However, if you do need a little help in the skin department, look for foundation that is compatible to your skin type. If you have oil skin go for an oil free powder finish. If your skin is dry try a cream based foundation. Also, try to find a color that blends in with your own skin tone for a more natural rather than a cakey look.

Radiant Skin

For a sun kissed look, stay away from pale or bright shades of pink and go for an apricot blush instead. However if you want your skin to really shine skip the blush and try a bronzer instead. Apply it to your forehead, down your nose and chin and over your cheekbones. This will give you a nice glow and bring out the best of your features.

Luscious Lips

Chances are that your skin tone is going to be on the olive side of the spectrum so color is really going to stand out on your lips. Try a berry red for a sensual look, pink for a playful look or a brown for a natural look. Lipstick has more staying power than gloss and will give you better coverage although it usually doesn’t sparkle the way that gloss does. However, you can use either one and even mix them to get the right look.

Smoldering Eyes

As with the lips, your eyes can really stop traffic when the right colors are applied. So which colors look good on Mediterranean woman? Pretty much all of them so get yourself over to your favorite makeup counter and start playing with different eye shadows to see which shades work the best on you. You’ll find that browns, pinks, purples and metallics are the easiest to wear but should definitely try greens and blues as well. If you’re not used to wearing bright, bold colors you may want to experiment with colored eye liners and then work your way to shadows. Finish your look by applying black mascara that will make your lashes stop traffic.

What it all basically comes down to is thanks to your skin tone you have the most variety of color that you can choose to work with. Have fun and stay beautiful.

This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for LI Beauty School which is a beauty school college and Hair Design Institute which is a hair and beauty school with locations throughout New York and Florida.

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  1. Mediterranean women really do have gorgeous skin. I would love to have that sun kissed look so I could wear any color I want. Next life.

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