Three Housewives, One Makeup Artist: Get Behind the Scenes Beauty Secrets of Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle and Kim Richards


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The ladies of the 90210 are known for not only having the best, but looking their best. It’s no different when it comes to the stars of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle and Kim Richards (and all the Hilton ladies), all turn to one man, Thierry Pourtoy, when it comes to beauty.

A Beauty Loft recently chatted with the Beverly Hills celebrity makeup artist to get the scoop on Hilton style beauty and RHOBH worthy beauty tips and secrets!

Having been born and trained professional in France, are there any differences in how French and American women approach makeup and beauty? I believe French women are more natural when it comes to their make up. Simple is the word. Just lips, mascara, and blush. French and European are much more into their skin care regime. Products and facials are a must.

Are women in Beverly Hills more high maintenance when it comes to their makeup? Well!!! In Beverly Hills, because of the Hollywood image ” forever young”, the pressure to look perfect is more noticeable in make up, hair, and body ….

You’ve done the makeup for all the Hilton ladies—is there a definite “Hilton” approach to beauty? The Hilton ladies take care of their skin and they all have flawless skin– they do facials and use a skin care regime. They all know their looks very well when it come to make up, hair, etc..

Let’s dish about Housewives! Kyle Richards always looks beautiful and polished, but never over-done. How do you achieve that look? What are some of your favorite products to use on Kyle? Kyle is stunning without  make up, again great skin- so light on foundation. Make Up Forever HD base and only powder on the T zone. I like to play with her eyes–shimmery lid and inner corner, eyeliner that could be dark brown, eggplant or black and lots of individuals lashes. To get the glow, I use cream blush, highlighte,r and contour. I use my own cream blush, Palette maquillage, in Flatter, Privilege and Lullaby, and on her eyes,  Bare Escentuals eye kit in  Top Shelf  with rose gold or bronzed highshine eyecolor.

Even though Kyle and Kim are sisters, they have very different looks. Which features do you like to play up on Kim? Kim’s look is very different–she is blonde and has tanner skin, so her make up needs to be in neutrals and nude tones, but I still play with the eyes. Lots of lashes and bronze and pink colors look the best on Kim for a fresh and youth full look. I always define her brows and fill them in with powder. Prime the face (Bodyography is my favorite), to hide fine lines, minimize pores, and keep the make up on longer. I apply stick foundation with a brush (natural beige palette maquillage), a cream blush, peace, on the apples, and contour with bronzer. Light and shiny lips.

Lisa Vanderpump won a recent poll on my site for best makeup look (with Kyle coming in a close second). Readers loved her feminine and soft look—what are some of the makeup techniques you use to achieve that look? Lisa’s make up look is soft and feminine because we use palettes in pink, plum, purple and eggplant–lots of blending and eyelashes.

Is there a beauty secret “must have” that you use on Lisa, Kyle, and Kim? I would say it’s all in the blending– cream blush, highlighter (for the glow), and lashes.

For women at home that would like to add some glamour to their makeup routine, what advice could you give them? I would say try lashes–individuals or a natural strip. MAC has great selections. Add color red lipstick … and highlight your face. Use a shimmer cream blush at night. The light is different and you can have fun….

Common makeup mistakes you see women make? Iwould say too much or not enough. During the day  you see foundation which does not match your skin. Too much eyes and at night not enough to shine . As you get older you loose colors on your face, but can bring it back with foundation, blush, and lip products. Formulas are so light now it’s much more easier to blend. Use products that are well suited to your skin and twice a year go to a professional make  artist for updates.

To find out more about Thierry, visit his facebook page.

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photo credit: Bravo TV


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