How To: Leopard Print Eye (when you’re not a makeup artist!)


I’m not a makeup artist…but sometimes I like to pretend I’m one by experimenting with new looks at home! I’m a big fan of adding Leopard prints to your wardrobe so why not throw some in your makeup. I decided to try this look at home after watching a video tutorial by makeup artist Jordan Liberty. I took my own spin on it with the affordable products I have at home and surprisingly the look was very easy to do! So try it for a wild night out, Halloween, your next Lady Gaga or K$sha concert, or with your friends on Jersey Shore nights. You decide!

Here’s my step-by-step guide to getting the Leopard print Eye:

1. If you have it, apply a lid primer to your eye. It will help to lock in the look and prevent creasing as well. Or simply apply a little foundation over your eye lids to achieve the same effect. I used Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse to start my lids with a smooth clean base.

2. Next I took my favorite shimmery Gold shade of eyeshadow and applied it all over my eye with a small makeup brush especially concentrating the color directly under the eyebrow. That’s where we want it to pop! Depending on how dramatic you want the look to be use a more intense metallic gold to achieve that. I recommend using a makeup brush to apply eyeshadow because it creates a more blended look but you can even use your finger to sweep on the shade, it works great! Also, sweep some gold under your eye under your bottom lash line for even more shimmer.

3. Next take a fiery orange or metallic copper to apply all across your lid from lashline to crease. If you dont have one you can use a metallic brown or another gold shade to layer on. Again add more or less drama to the look as you see fit. Make sure to blend the gold and orange with your makeup brush for a smooth transition.

4.Then, line the top and bottom of your eye with black liner. If you have liquid liner and feel comfortable using it try that on the top of your lid creating a straight smooth line, not too wide. For the bottom a black pencil works just fine. If your feeling daring wing out the tip at the end of your line a little having both top and bottom lines meet. I used a liquid liner pot from the drugstore, Prestige Cosmetics, and a pencil you can find at your nearest CVS or Duane Reade for $1 by NYC in Jet Black.

5. Next, curl your lashes with an eye lash curler. (I always curl before and after mascara, giving extra length and volume to my lashes) Then, generously apply jet black mascara to top and bottom lashes. I like to use a chunkier mascara brush on the bottom lashes like Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara. For the top ones, I swear by Maybelline Great Lash mascara, the classis pink and green bottle in Very Black. Once you’ve let the lashes set in the mascara for about a minute or two, re-curl them with the eyelash curler for maximum length. Feel free to add fake lashes for even more volume.

6. Next comes the trickiest of the steps, applying the black leopard spots. You may want to take out your favorite leopard top or shoe for inspiration. It’s best to use a black liquid tip liner to create the spots but you can also do so with a gel eyeliner or extra sharp pencil. Use the liner to draw “C” shapes over the eye creating shapes that look like this ( ). You can practice on your hand a little before attempting to on the lid. You want to create these spots starting from inside smaller to larger as you extend towards the outer edge of the eye. Add a few black dots around your “C” shapes as well. The best part is, its safe to mess up because leopard spots aren’t perfect in nature so they will look the most natural in all shapes and sizes. So be creative as you cover the entire eye lid up to the brow line in leopard spots.

7. Now that your leopard eye is done match it with Nude lips or a simple Coral looks best.

And you’re all set to rock the Leopard Eye wherever you wish. Enjoy and let me know how you rocked it!

<3 Stephanie


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