February Mani Monday! Gala-Ready Nails for Valentine’s Day and Oscar Celebrations

We’re starting a new monthly post at A Beauty Loft called Mani Monday! The second Monday of each month, we will bring you essential nail tips and tricks from Cutex Brands. Make sure to check back every month for new nail tips!


Show that special someone how beautiful your nails are.  Break through the confusion of cuticles while getting your nails gala-ready for an Oscar style celebration.

Cuticles present a particularly tricky topic.  They overlap your nail plate at the bottom of your nails and guard new nail as keratin hardens and pushes out of the skin.  Without a cuticle shield, fingers would be susceptible to serious infection.

To cut or to push?  That is the dilemma.  Although both methods provide a satisfactory end result, cutting cuticles can cause serious damage and health concerns.  Try these tips for fabulous nails without harming your very necessary cuticles.

–          Moisture is the key to beauty.  Hydration is essential for health, therefore, water is a necessity.  The same can be said for hands, nails and cuticles.  Quenching cuticles’ thirst is the best solution for avoiding hangnails.  Use passive time, like watching television, to rub moisturizer into nails and fingertips.

–          Make nail maintenance part of your hygiene routine.  After exiting the shower or soaking fingertips in warm water, immediately apply cuticle remover.  Use an orange stick to gently push back cuticles.  At the base of the nail, move your orange stick in tiny circles to remove any debris or dead skin.  Swipe with a cotton ball over your nail and apply moisturizer.

–          Carefully cut hangnails.  Although cutting cuticles is seriously unadvised, trimming pesky hangnails is fine.  Clean sharp cuticle nippers with alcohol or peroxide prior to trimming.  Apply ointment to any cut or irritated areas immediately after trimming.

–          Beware!  DO NOT:

  • Cut cuticles
  • Push back dry cuticles
  • Use cuticle oil or cream to push back cuticles.  Cuticle remover works deeper to thoroughly moisturize cuticles for maintenance.



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