National Wine Week Is March 5-9: 5 Tricks to Keep Your Teeth Sparkling, Not Stained

This week is National Wine Week!  From March 5th to March 9th, stop by Smith & Wollensky and sample 10 wines for $10 with a purchase of a lunch entrèe at locations nation wide.

Unfortunately, red wines can temporarily stain your teeth and put a damper on normally brilliant smile. Don’t go into Wine Week unprepared! Here are some tips to help you prevent wine stains on your teeth:

  • Alternate between red and white wine- the white will help lift the red coloring
  • Pop in a piece of gum– chewing helps stimulate saliva, which helps neutralize the acidity of wine. Try a whitening gum for added protection.
  • Wine Wipes– If you’re going to do some serious wine tasting, these pocket sized wipes were made specially to remove wine stains from the teeth and mouth. single pack $10
  • Re-apply that lipgloss- while I think lipgloss stains on any type of glass or cup is obnoxious, the petroleum from the gloss acts as a barrier to help prevent stains.
  • Have some cheese with that wine– not only does it complement your glass of Chardonnay, but the calcium coats the teeth to help stop stains. Make it Provolone though, hard cheese is more effect.

For more information on wine week:

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