Katy Perry at Paris Fashion Week, Copycat her look!


Katy Perry was the first to make blue hair cute and sexy and now she’s taken the bold hair trend to a chic new level. Katy was spotted recently sporting a sleek blue updo in Paris at the Yves Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2012 show for Fashion week. Her super shiny locks paired with the wild blue shade gave her chic bun a funky edge. This pulled back style was accentuated perfectly with a sultry blue eyeshadow and peachy gloss. Her makeup really brought to light her own baby blues, and was ultra sexy.

We were wowed by Katy’s sophisticated look as we are used to the glittery California girl pin-up Perry yet loved every minute of it! Not saying there isn’t a time and place for her usual fun style but she looked absolutely gorgeous and understated (as much as you can be with Blue hair,yet she pulled it off!). I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes the next huge hair trend, the chic blue bun.

Want to copycat Katy’s look? Here’s how:


Lets start with Katy’s smoldering smokey eye. To get her look, apply a blue base all over the eye, like the CoverGirl Intense ShadowBlast in Blue Bomb or try Buxom’s creamy Stay-There Eyeshadow in Bull Dog, an intense royal blue. Next darken it up a bit with your favorite dark blues or grays in the outer corners and underneath the eye. Try Givenchy’s Le Prisme Mono eyeshadow compact featuring all the blue shades you’ll need. Finish off with plenty of black eyeliner smudged around the lid, both top and bottom and a coat of your blackest mascara.


If you want to give Katy’s blue hair a go without committing to a total blue makeover, take a look at HairExtensions.com where you’ll find tons of temporary color clip-ins from brands like POP and easihair. Once you’ve got your blue clip ins draw all hair up into a high ponytail trying as best you can to smooth out any bumps and secure tightly with elastic. Use a hair donut to create the perfect bun and place it around the base of your ponytail. Begin to wind hair around the donut, smoothing strands to make it as sleek as possible as you completely cover the donut with your hair. Make sure to spray the entire style with hair spray and shine spray for extra sheen.

Now you’re ready to rock it like Ms. Perry on the streets of your neighborhood.

Talk to us! Let us know your thoughts on her smoldering blue look.


<3 Stephanie


  • Jmoon

    “Katy Perry was the first to make blue hair cute and sexy”

    Lady Gaga had blue hair first. I stopped reading your article right after that. Fact check please.

  • Stephanie

    Totally understand where you are coming from, yet in my mind Lady Gaga is such a powerful fashion icon with her dramatic costumes that I wouldn’t pair her with making something cute and sexy,like Katy can ..she is in another realm of creativity, at least for me. But I appreciate opinions always, thanks for the heads up!

  • Brandi

    “Lady” GaGa may have had blue hair, but cute is not a term anyone with eyes could ever call her. “Cute” implies frivolous, girlish fun, none of which apply to GaGa, who is a mere female shock jock. I won’t say she doesn’t have her own brand of “talent”, and if your idea of cute and sexy is nasty pointed bras, meat dresses and pasties, well, to each their own. But I feel this author is correct, at least in terms of today’s mainstream entertainers. Lots of women have rocked a cute and sexy blue, pink, red, orange etc. hairstyle, Cyndi Lauper was adorable in her day. Pink could also be said to rock cute and sexy with crazy color, but Ms.Perry is the only mainstream, recently cute and sexy “blue girl”.

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