Three Steps to a Longer Lasting Blowout

A few months ago while getting my hair done, my stylist recommended I get my curly hair blown out once a week. Why, you ask? She said a professional blow dry will cut down on heat styling through out the week and last longer. That sounds just great and all–who wouldn’t want to plop in a chair once a week and let someone else deal with torturous task of blow drying hair (seriously..have you ever heard anyone say “I loveee blow drying my hair!”). But it’s not realistic for most of us on a budget.

Ahh the first day blow out (missing my longer hair looking at this cut pic to come!)

Fret not. There are ways to extend the life of your blowout without taking weekly trips to the salon:

1) Your new best friend is dry shampoo. I live by my can of Batiste. There are a ton of them out on the market, but this is one of the cheaper and better ones. The real trick is to not wait until your hair is greasy–spray it on roots before hand, say second day of blowout, to prevent oily roots.

2) Rediscover the scrunci. Yes, I know you burned it along with your New Kids On The Block tape (which also kinda sorta made a comeback), but put your hair up at night in a high ponytail with it to prevent dents that form in the hair from regular hair elastics. However, if I see you out the house with it on–you will promptly be cited and ticketed.

3) Embrace the pony (tail). Slightly dirty hair is the best for a slick ponytail. High/low…it’s your choice! Just slick back, secure, and you’re done. Werk.


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