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Stand Up Your Stylist and Mend Split Ends: TRESemme Split Remedy


There’s nothing like walking out of the salon with a fresh cut. You instantly look more polished, your hair behaves, and your confidence sky rockets. In this crazy economy, women are pushing the limits of the standard of 4-6 week trim. With my haircuts totaling $60 a pop, anything that helps fight off split ends is a must!

TRESemmé has read the minds of women every where with their new Split Remedy line. Using a revolutionary Reconstruction Complex, split ends are actually repaired up to 80% in up just 3 uses. I was lucky enough to try the complete line recently, which includes:

  • Split Remedy Shampoo
  • Split Remedy Conditioner
  • Leave-In Conditioning Spray
  • Leave-In Split End Conditioning Treatment
  • Split End Sealing Serum

While the products work with each other, the best part about this line is that you can customize according to your hair type. Fine hair types will like the Leave-In Conditioning Spray because it’s so light weight. For my hair, I found that he Leave-In Split End Conditioning Treatment provided great moisture that my curls need. After I worked that into my hair, I followed up with  a couple of drops of the Split End Sealing Serum for added shine and protection. The results? Super soft and smooth hair! Looks like I can push my hair appointment back another few weeks!


NEW Split Remedy, from TRESemmé, repairs up to 80% of split ends in just three uses.  And with continued use, repairs further damage as it occurs.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by TRESemmé via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of TRESemmé.

Drugstore Discovery: Volum’ Express the Mega Plush Mascara


After scraping the tube edges of my Maybelline Volum’ Express the Falsies Flared mascara for about a week, I headed to CVS to re-stock. But of course, a quick trip into the beauty section is never quick. I noticed the stand for Maybelline’s new Volum’ Express the Mega Plush Mascara and paused for a few minutes. Gel-mousse mascara (what’s that? Sounds like I need it, right?), but it claimed to never leave lashes brittle or flaky. Sounds great to me!

Immediately I started making a mental check list of the pros and cons of trying out this intriguing new mascara. Love the Falsies–why not stick with what works? But if I loved the Volum’ Express line already, chances are I would like the Mega Plush, right?

In the end I remembered I’m a beauty blogger and it’s my sworn duty to experiment with new products—I take the oath quite seriously (or it’s just my excuse to by a ton of products)–and bought it.

The verdict:Love it! Delivers a lot of lashes (and long lashes) in each swipe. And as promised, no flaking. I can’t tell if I like it better than the Falsies, but it performs just as well. I’m sensing a lash off. At around $7, you can’t beat the price either!

Flexible mascara wand!

Extra tip I learned from my friend and makeup artist, Carie Brescia: For really dramatic lashes, after applying either the Falsies or the Mega Plus, follow up with a coat of Maybelline’s Illegal Lengths mascara.


Summer Beauty Series: Your Best Summer Nails Yet


Playing in the summer sun is all fun and games until someone breaks a nail!  The sun that provides summer fun can also be a vicious enemy if proper sun protection is not followed.


In addition to skin, cuticles and nail folds are the most vulnerable areas of the hands that are susceptible to sun damage.  Cuticles protect new nail growth as it emerges from the base of the nail.  Sun, among other elements, can dry cuticles out, affecting the growth of nails.  Nail folds are the areas of skin that frame your nails; the lateral nail folds framing each side and the proximal nail fold at the base.  Extended sun exposure to the nail folds can also harm the growth of nails.


Dried and damaged nails are more likely to contract a fungal or bacterial infection.  If nails harden, become inflamed or are painful to touch, consult a doctor.


Always remember to:

  • Wear sunscreen – this will prevent hands and cuticles from sun damage including burning and drying out.
  • Coat nails with a polish, base coat or ridge-filler – this helps protect nails against the elements of the summer, including sun, water and sand.  It will also prevent breaking and splitting.
  • Moisturize hands and nails – to prevent cracks and peeling, constantly keep hands and nails hydrated.
  • Wear gloves – when cleaning, gardening and washing dishes.  Gloves will protect hands and nails from harsh chemicals found in pesticides, cleaning solutions and detergents.


While enjoying the weather and relaxing in the rays, make sure to stay covered up.  Continuously apply sunscreen, and be sure not to neglect your hands and feet.  Beyond your fingers and toes keep the rest of your body covered while basking in the sun.  During these hot months always keep water on hand to prevent dehydration and sport a large, floppy hat to shade your head and face.  Enjoy the sunshine, but take necessary precautions to stay safe in the summertime.


Article and photo courtesy of Cutex

Get the Look: Mila Kunis Sexy Sleek Hair at TED Premire


Mila Kunis never disappoints on the red carpet and her sleek glossy hair at the premier of TED was no exception.

Frederic Fekkai Celebrity Stylist Adir Abergel reveals how he transformed Kunis’ tresses into sleek perfection:

How to Get the Look: Adir began by creating a defined middle part with a comb. He then applied Fekkai Coiff Ironless Straightening Balm from the roots to the ends of wet hair. He dried the hair using a flat paddle brush. Once the hair was completely dry, he used a flat iron on the ends of the hair to give it a sleek and glossy finish. Adir then applied a small amount Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Cream to get rid of any fly-aways. He then backcombed the top of the hair to give the look a little bit of height. To finish the look Adir sprayed Fekkai Coiff Sheer Hold Hairspray for a lasting red-carpet hold.


All products by Fekkai: Fekkai Coiff Ironless Straightening Balm ($25), Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Cream ($25) and Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Cream ($25). Available at Fekkai.com and Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue stores.

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