Summer Beauty Series: Head to Toe Guide For the Best Summer Skin


In this installment of A Beauty Loft’s Summer Skin Series, we’re addressing all your skin concerns! From breakouts to bikini bumps, we got down to business and consulted Michelle Martin, the skin care guru at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa in Philadelphia, PA. Martin’s years of expertise have been beautifying faces nationally including celebs such as Jaimie Foxx, Bruce Willis, and Kyra Sedgwick.

When the season changes, so does our skin, reveals Martin. “When the weather heats up, the body speeds up it’s functions, including oil production.  That, coupled with sun exposure, sweat, and all that summer brings ending up on your skin  can cause shinier, oily skin and even acne. Heat can also cause irritation and inflammation in the skin.”

Problem: Your winter skin care routine isn’t working in the summer.

Solution: “Most women would benefit by switching to a light milky cleanser (such as Lait U VIP O2) which can be removed with a warm wet cloth or shammy,” says Martin. “This gives the skin a nice gentle exfoliation.  Ladies who already use a mild foaming cleanser because they are oily will probably be more comfortable staying with that.

Many of my clients choose to use just an SPF during the day. Jan Marini SPF 30  is a great one because of its antioxidant ingredients that repair sun damage and fight the signs of aging.

Michelle Martin, Rescue Rittenhouse Spa

For night or anytime for an oily skin in the summer, a light gel feels light and cooling for the face. Biologique Recherché’s Gel ADN Silkagen preserves hydration and fights aging with Amino Acid silk proteins, while feeling light and fresh.”


Problem: Post vacation skin looks lack luster

Solution: “I advise my clients coming back from a sunny vacation to get a High Performance Facial (as long as they do not have a sunburn),” says Martin. “The microdermabrasion component will remove  the thick skin that builds up with sun exposure and deep cleanse the pores. The bio lift component super penetrates hydrating and healing serums, giving the face a beautiful glow!”


Problem: Achieving summer glow without the harmful effects of tanning

Solution: “Since we’re not getting tan with the actual sun, a sunless tanning is ideal. Either sprayed on, (airbrush or spray tanning machine) or a rub on lotion. For first timers I always suggest getting a professional treatment done,” confides Martin. “For folks who don’t want to use sunless tanner, simply doing a vigorous body scrub followed by a nice thick moisturizer, or better yet a shimmery body oil.

The range of self-tanners from Institute Esthederm are wonderful. They come in two different shades to ease you into having color and also come in special formulations for the face.  Dr Dennis Gross also makes an exfoliating self tanning wipe for the face that includes a healthy dose of vitamin D and produces a beautiful glow!”

Problem: Embarrassing bikini bumps

Solution: “Shaving is out!  For long term hair removal, laser hair removal is the best option. Since it takes about six treatments for the area to be cleared, it’s best to start in the winter to be done by summer,” says Martin. “Waxing is also a great option. In the summer, most women need to wax every three to four weeks to maintain a hair free bikini line. It’s best to try to schedule the week after your period to have the least amount of discomfort. An over the counter pain reliever taken before the waxing treatment helps also.

For those that must shave, PFB Vanish is a simple roll-on treatment to fight ingrown hairs and irritation from shaving or waxing. Used regularly, it will treat and prevent shaving bumps and calm and soothe the delicate skin in the bikini area. It can also be used anywhere bumps are an issue.”

Problem: Self tanner is streaked and blotchy

Solution:“Exfoliate!  The self tanner will adhere more to dead dry skin, so scrubbing it off before a self tanning treatment keeps that from happening,” says Martin. “You should also pre-moisturize any extra dry areas and the soles of the feet and palms of the hands so that the tan doesn’t darken those areas.”


Problem: The unintentional sunburn

Solution:” Aloe, straight from the plant if possible, applied to the sunburnt areas as much as needed. It can also be chilled and you can take cool showers or baths to take the heat out of the skin,” says Martin.

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