Review: Winks By Georgie Faux Lashes

After interviewing numerous Real Housewives stars and their makeup artists, there’s one thing that they all swear by to take them from average housewives to the domestic sex kittens we see on TV–false eyelashes.

I adore the look as well, but haven’t been the most skillful in applying them. There was the time I wore them on a night out with the girls and started talking to this guy at the end of the night. I could feel the one lash, but thought it was just a little loose. After an intense one-on-one convo, I went to the bathroom to find the eyelash completely dangling from my eye…pitifully hanging on by just a couple of lashes. #sexyfail. No wonder I didn’t get his number. My face was falling off in front of his eyes.

I’ve also gotten eyelash adhesive in my eye and have had eyelash glue stay on my lash line for weeks–only to come off painfully and taking several of my real lashes with them.

Determined to conquer my fear of falsies, I recently tried Winks By Georgie lashes. The 100% natural eco-friendly luxe lashes are available in a variety of styles:

  • No. 1 La Cherie- the perfect lash for any or night. I wore these to a late lunch and they looked polished and natural.
  • No. 2 L’Avant-Gardiste- for a little added drama, these lashes are it. They added tons of volume and still managed to look natural. These have been my go-to night on the town lashes.
  • No. 3 La Starlette- iconic lashes for ultimate glamour—black tie optional
  • No. 4 La Vie Charme Lashes- lashes are soft and wispy for the daydreamer
  • No. 5 Midnight Muse- have a voluminous crisscross design that is thicker at the base providing a perfectly defined eye.
  • No. 6 Mademoiselle Lashes-  have a cluster design that mimics the lengths of natural lashes for a luscious look.
  • No. 9 Belle Individual Lashes- individuals and flares to add as little or as much drama as you would like


Wearing Winks by Georgie No.2 L’Avant-Gardiste

The instructions were so clear and easy to follow. The trick (which I had heard before, but

Winks by Georgie No.1 with adhesive and case

never tried it) is to apply the lash glue and let it air out for about 30-45 seconds before applaying to the lash line. It makes them so much easier to apply. And the lash glue? Amazing. It’s botanically infused and free of formaldehyde, parabens, or phthalates. No eye burning and comes off easily..but stayed put all day long.

You can purchases the lashes seperately for $15 or purchase Nos. 1,2, and 3 with sleek biodegradable case and adhesive so that you can store your lashes for re-use (I’ve worn my several times) for $28.

If your looking for a pair of high quality eyelashes and an amazing eyelash adhesive, Winks is a great option. Available for purchase online at Neiman Marcus.


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