Keep Your Hair and Skin in Gold Medal Condition: US Synchronized Swimming Team Reveals Beauty Secrets

Planning on spending time in the pool this summer? If so, Mariya Koroleva and Mary Killman of the US Synchronized Swimming Team reveal their beauty secrets for keeping your hair and skin in gold medal condition!

For Hair:

  • After a day of swimming, be sure to condition your hair with a leave-in treatment. Mariya and Mary love Infusium 23’s Repair & Renew Spray, which helps to alleviate breakage and split ends while strengthening hair to prevent future damage. It instantly detangles wet or dry hair and provides protection from daily elements and styling – whether it’s chemically treated water, over-exposure to the sun or excessive heat from blow dryers or straighteners.
  • The ladies actually wear Gnox gelatin (unflavored Jell-O!) to hold their hair in place while they perform; in addition to its taming abilities, Gnox gelatin also helps to strengthen hair. If an at-home remedy is your preference, give it a try!
  • If you’re worried about your hair turning green from excessive exposure to chlorine, try Infusium 23’s Color Defender collection. Mariya says it’s her favorite because in addition to replenishing her hair, the sulfate-free formula maintains color twice as long as other products.

For Skin:

  • If you’re looking to water-proof your make up before you head to the beach or pool, follow in USA Synchro’s footsteps and apply chapstick to your face as a primer!
  • Chlorine can really dry out your skin, so the Team recommends using a heavy-duty body and face moisturizer specifically designed to reduce redness and calm irritated skin.
  • If the chlorine level is Mariya Korolevaoo high or you’re exposed to it frequently, you may develop what the ladies call “pool face” – red and flaky patches on your face. They recommend applying Vaseline prior to swimming, as it serves as an ultra-strong moisturizer to help repair dryness and redness.


Mariya Koroleva


photo credit: Infusium 23 courtesy photo

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