1. LaTanja Barbour says:

    I love Curls products including the curls unleashed line! It is my must have hair product to always keep in stock.

  2. Marie Turner says:

    In order to keep my curly hair looking great, I moisture, use sulfate-free shampoo, and condition! Depending on the whether, I use curl lotion or gels/serums as my styler. The most important thing, for me at least, is finding the right balance between moisturizing and not weighing my hair down. Love the Curls products for all things mentioned, though!

  3. Jennifer says:

    My daughter is disabled so caring for her hair is my responsibility and one I take seriously. I use the Curls line to keep her curls looking fabulous.

  4. katherine d says:

    NEVER TOWEL DRY YOUR HAIR. Use paper towels or an old t shirt instead. This keeps the frizz away from your curls.

  5. Rondia H says:

    I use a Tshirt if needed to dry my TWA. I always moisturize my hair with water or the Curls Curl refresher and some leave in with oil. This has really helped me keep my frizz down.

  6. Alexis Jordan says:

    Love the tips. There was a time where my hair was curly and I straightened it out for less fuss. Now, these tips make me want to have some dazzle back into my crowning glory.

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