Is Your City Bad For Your Skin? See the Best and the Worst Cities For Skin

Hometown pride may run deep when it comes to sports teams and local delicacies(*cough* cheesesteakes…wiz wit), but will you feel the same when you read the’s “The Best and Worst Cities for Your Skin.”

They analyzed 55 of the biggest cities in the U.S. and reviewed skin cancer rates, dermatologists per capita, climate data, and more and ranked the best and the worst cities for your skin.

The Best:

  1. Portland, OR
  2. San Fransisco, CA
  3. Seattle, WA
  4. Baltimore, MD
  5. Chicago, IL
  6. Honolulu, HI
  7. Boston, MA
  8. New York City, NY (shocked? It has the lowest skin cancer rate!)
  9. Milwaukee, WI
  10. Austin, TX

The Worst?

  1. Las Vegas, NV
  2. Phoenix, AZ
  3. Fresno, CA
  4. Sacramento, CA
  5. Los Angeles, CA
  6. San Diego, CA
  7. Charlotte, NC
  8. Memphis, TN
  9. Fort Worth, TX
  10. Tulsa, OK

My closest city, Philadelphia, ranked 23…not too bad!

How did your city stack up?

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