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The Poor Girl’s Guide to an Expensive Smile


The fastest way to ruin a bold lip is yellow teeth. Teeth whitening treatments can be expensive and even at home treatments can run you around $50. Luckily, Dr. Sherri Worth, who’s known for her work on Fox’s hit reality show, “The Swan,” where she helped over 40 different women transform their smiles, reveals her “magic mix” for a dazzling smile—for under $10! Just grab a soft toothbrush, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.


Wet your tooth brush with some hydrogen peroxide and dip it into baking soda. All of the bristles should be covered so that your toothbrush bristles are white.



Brush your teeth for 2 minutes (Spitting if necessary)


Spit out of the baking soda, and rinse your moth clean with water (you don’t want baking soda in your mouth for a long period of time. Using mouth wash after can help remove the bad taste of soda if it is unbearable.




















Do not use this method too often as the abrasive can permanently damage the enamel of your teeth. Baking soda can dissolve orthodontic glue. Do not use this method if you have braces or a permanent retainer. Best used only once or twice a week. Don’t brush too hard for a long term as it may damage your enamel (which is called abrasion), leading to hypersensitivity. Do not put too much baking soda or it can damage teeth.


Get the Look: A Sporty Ponytail for Pretty Clothes Seen at Versus Spring 2013


It works perfectly with Spring 2013’s retro look filled with geometric patterns and bright colors, but this pony tail also works all year long.

Redken Creative Consultant, Guido,  created a sleek ponytail for the Versus Spring/Summer 2013 show, “We did a very long, very tightly pulled back pony today at Versus, creating the intensely shiny finish by using both Redken hardwear 16 gel and glass 01 serum. It really seems to me both sporty and tough, but is also very precise and minimalist, which goes nicely with the clothing.”

Create the Look:

  1. Start with dry hair blow-dried straight, and apply hardwear 16 super strong gel to small sections of hair throughout the crown.
  2. Right after applying the gel, gather hair into a tight ponytail right at the crown of the head and secure with an elastic.
  3. Take a small section of hair out from under the ponytail and wrap around the base to cover the elastic. Secure with a pin.
  4. Apply glass 01 smoothing serum all over  the head to smooth and add shine.
  5. Flatiron entire ponytail in sections until stick straight.

Finish with forceful 23 super strength finishing spray on the crown and pony to catch any fly-away’s for a sleek finish.

Fall Has Arrived! Fall Into Autumn With Ink Green Nails


Fall is officially here! Break out boots, sweaters, and pumpkin spice coffee! In honor of the first week of fall, I broke out a new polish for the occasion.

My choice was Essie’s Stylenomics $8. An inky green shade that looks glossy and rich when applied. Gotta say…I’m loving fall already!

Any fall nail colors you can’t wait to try?

Remember the World’s Most Expensive Polish? Guess Who Wore It to the Emmy’s?


Remember this post about the world’s most expensive nail polish? In case you need a refresher, AZATURE has created the world’s most expensive nail polish worth $250,000. Why is it so expensive? Because it contains 267 carats of black diamonds, of course!


We now have an actual photo of the polish worn by Kelly Osborne for the 2012 Emmy’s. Osborne told E! on the red carpet  what it was like wearing the blinged out polish, ‘I’ve been so scared to touch anything because its powdered black diamonds… worth $250,000. ‘m the only person they let wear it, it’s in a safe upstairs in the hotel room. I couldn’t believe it. I have not touched a thing all day.’

But my original guess was right on point ladies and gents—the queen of glam, J.Lo, was the first to wear the polish.


photo credit: The Daily Mail/EPA

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