The Ugly Truth of Growing Out Your Eyebrows

If their done right, it can transform any face into a more youthful, elegant, sophisticated, or even exotic appearance. But if done wrong, it can throw off your whole face making you look evil, old, or surprised.

We’re talking about eyebrows here in case you didn’t catch on yet.

My obsession with a well groomed eyebrow began in high school with nothing but a bottle of Nair to clean them up. Eventually I moved onto waxing, and I’ve had the same eyebrow woman for probably about 7 years (haaay Nina!).  However at this point Nina may be wondering where I’ve been. I haven’t called or visited since February 2012. I blame Lily Collins.

Let me explain. I have a severe case of Lily Collins brow envy. They are disgustingly perfect—thick and full with the perfect subtle arch. So in effort to achieve Collins brow status, I’ve given up waxing or plucking my eyebrows for a full year.

It’s not easy. Four months in, the phrase “You need to do your eyebrows”, rolled off the tongues of my sister and cousin in laws. “No, I’m letting them grow out,” I defensively would explain. Blank stares ensued.

I found myself praying the shampoo girl didn’t notice my unkempt brows while sudsing up my tresses whenever I had a hair appointment.

Applying makeup isn’t fun anymore–why even bother highlighting my brow bone? To emphasize the ugly stray hairs that refuse to grow back in a nice looking formation? No thanks.

Six months of no plucking or waxing

I’ve come close to picking up the phone and making an appointment with Nina because my brows give me so much anxiety.  Who even knows if they will grow in anymore? Am I tarnishing my rep as a beauty blogger with such hideous eyebrows?

But then I’m reminded of why I started this crazy eyebrow journey and why I love Lily Collins eyebrows so much. It’s a return to a simpler and more natural version of me—which is why I love the bold brow trend.

 So for the remaining 4 months,  I’ll keep my eye on the prize and fingers on my Laura Mercier eyebrow gel.

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