Clear Acne with an Anti-Aging Product?!


After I had my son I struggled with acne like I never have before. I tried many products to get rid of my acne and it seemed that everything only made it worse. I went in for my check-up with my doctor and she basically told me it was hormonal acne and would be sticking around for a while. I was then on a mission to find something that would clear my skin.

I have gone back to my old favorites that always helped clear my skin in the past and, again, they just made it worse and more painful. Salicylic Acid? Didn’t work. Benzoyl Peroxide? No way. I couldn’t understand it. As a Makeup Artist, having bad skin is terrible for business and I was scared to face my clients.

One day while walking through Sephora I struck a conversation with a very nice woman who, apparently, worked with the brand Korres. If you have read some of my other articles, you will see that I have a love for this line, but had tried their acne clearing products that, in the past, always worked for me, but unfortunately not now. She told me about their Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Night Cream ($52) and I immediately dismissed her saying I did not need a night cream for aging. She insisted that I trust her and told me about how the line has Oak Bark in it (my preexisting knowledge of oak bark’s anti-acne properties then had me interested!) and she made me samples. I used this product for two weeks. In that two weeks I saw my skin completely change. There were very few new breakouts, the old ones were drying up, and my skin seemed more supple and even toned. I had started a new medication about the same time I was trying this product and thought maybe that was the reason my skin was clearing up. When my samples ran out, I let my skin ‘do its thing!’ and it was not pretty. My skin reverted back to the tender, breakout prone mess I had a few weeks prior.


The moral of the story? Not only does this stuff work to combat aging and wrinkles, it (unknowingly to those that originally created it) now is well known for curing hormonal acne. Not all acne, this bit is important! I found great success with this product and if you find yourself battling hormonal acne, you might want to try this Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Night Cream. You will be thrilled with your results!







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