How To Achieve Vibrant Red-Copper Hair Color




I constantly get asked who does my color or what color I use (it is very obvious that my hair is colored!), so I decided to show you all what I use and go through my whole routine.

To start, I would like to note that I have naturally dark blonde hair (for you hair dressers out there- I have a level 7N natural color) so achieving this rich red color is fairly easy and does not require bleaching or anything more then single process permanent and demi-permanent color. I buy all my supplies at Sally’s Beauty Supplies, but I have also gotten color from CosmoProf in the line Colorance by Goldwell. Below is my supply list:



This list of supplies is everything I use to color my hair. It costs about $30 (less then $25 if you have a discount card at Sally’s) and I can color my hair for 3-4 months with this amount. I spend about $8-10/month to color my hair! Now, I will walk you through the steps, but let me preface that this is not a quick process! (Disclosure: I would like to note that I am NOT a licensed cosmetologist and this is simply the routine I use on my hair. Please consult a licensed cosmetologist for exact directions, measurements and precautions.)


  1.  In the mixing bowl, use the black brush to mix the 20 Vol Permanent developer with the Loreal HiColor Copper at the ratio listed on the box for your hair type. Stir well.
  2. Using the pointed end of the black applicator brush, part hair in a straight line (I start at the top of my head) and apply mixed color to your roots only.
  3. Working fairly quickly, repeat Step 2 until your roots are covered on your whole head.
  4. Allow the color to process on your roots for the directed amount of time according to the bottle. I allow mine to process about 30 minutes.
  5. Run head under warm water, massaging roots.
  6. Shampoo and condition as usual.
  7. Dry hair with a blow dryer. Do not be concerned with style, this step is simply to dry the hair.
  8. In the white bottle, mix the Demi processor with the Ion Demi Permanent Color 6RC at the ratio listed on the box for your hair.
  9. Place finger over the tip of the bottle and shake very well. (Be careful when removing your finger from the tip, it may shoot color out.)
  10. I always squirt a bit of the color out of the bottle to clear the tip of any product that may not have mixed well.
  11. Apply this mixture all over your head and allow to process for the designated time on the box.
  12. Run head under warm water, massaging the whole head.
  13. Shampoo and rinse.
  14. Towel dry hair.
  15. Apply the Ion After-Color Sealer (this is a deep conditioner) and leave on for about 20 minutes.
  16. Rinse and style as usual.
This whole process takes about 60-90 minutes. You could easily get this done at a salon, but it would cost a LOT more then $10/month. I love my hair this bright red-orange-copper color, but it is not for everyone!
If you try it, please send us pictures! We would love to see :)






  • Best Facial Mask

    Wow, I also like that color hair on you. it’s bold, stylish, and with those crystal blue eyes you are a real diva!

  • Sarah

    I love having red/copper hair, too! Have you tried any of the “One n only” reds? i am really loving the 7R (I believe it’s tangerine-red?)

  • Rachel

    Your hair is so fabulous. I want mine to be coppery red. Currently my hair is dyed with a demi permanent color and it is medium reddish brown. this was put over highlighted blonde hair. after it fades a little, do you think I need to dye my hair all over with the hicolor product and then start your method of just doing the roots with hicolor and the rest with a demi permenent?

  • Em

    i am a natural level 4 ash- so i go to the stylist to get my med-light copper hair color. however- it isn’t cheap…and i am looking for a demi to use in between salon visits to give my color a pick me up (we all know how bad reds fade). I love this red on you and am considering the ion demi copper color but cutting it with the clear to make it lighter (my stylist will kill me if i accidentally go darker after all that lightening work, lol). your hair looks great, btw! love it!

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