My Unintentional Ombre and Why It Works

Ombre hair



“Why is your hair so much lighter at the bottom?” my mom asks. “Because I haven’t had my color touched up in months,” I explain.

Still looking puzzled, she asked me again why my hair looked so much lighter towards the bottom. At this point, I’m getting irritated because she’s putting a huge emphasis on my wayyyy past due color touch up. Certainly  these are things ladies shouldn’t be pointing out to one another, right? And it’s not my fault….entirely. Even though hair coloring is considered safe for pregnant women by most health care professionals, I’m trying to limit my exposure to chemicals when I can.

I’m at the point where I’m extremely bored with my hair and it hasn’t been this dark in years (watching Beyonce perform at the Super Bowl only made me miss my light colored locks that much more). So I decided to go with it and went for the Ombrè look. To further emphasis the caramel color at the ends, I clipped in my lighter colored hair extensions. And that was it. A new (ish) look with no damage to the hair!




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  1. Joanna says:

    your hair looks great!

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