A Super Easy and Cute Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes

Before and after 1

As my makeup brush collection started to grow, I needed a container to put them in where they were easily accessible and visible. Somehow, they ended up in a red Solo cup. Classy, right?

Since my makeup area is my little sanctuary where I can go and relax and feel good about myself, I decided to spruce the area up a bit. The first order of business was to get rid of the solo cup.

I found a rectangle glass vase yesterday at A.C. Moore that I thought was the perfect height and shape to hold makeup brushes, $4.99.



I also added clear frosted pebbles for–2 packs at $1.96 each

Matte Stones


A super easy and cheap way to display your makeup brushes beautifully. Next on the list: scented candles and white roses  🙂

Close up Finished Vase Shot edit


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