Philly Love and Donut Inspired Mani



A beautiful 60 degree day in the winter begs for a trip into the city. A couple of weeks ago, the hubby, my son, and I went across the bridge into Philly for donuts. Yes, donuts. This isn’t Dunkin Donuts (which I still love) we are talking about. This is Federal Donuts. A quick look at the menu at Federal Donuts includes French Toast, Turkish Coffee, Raspberry Lemonade, or my favorite Cinnamon Brown Sugar. Totally worth the trip.

My son at Federal Donuts---polished off 3 easily.

My son at Federal Donuts—polished off 3 easily.

But while we were there, we took advantage of the weather and walked around to Rittenhouse Park, where everyone had the same idea we did.

A beautiful day in the city brings out everyone---activists included

A beautiful day in the city brings out everyone—activists included


Some people were obviously excited for the warm (but fleeting) weather, like this girl as she roamed the streets in a skirt and cardigan:

Spring Weather Outfit


Breathing in city life gave me inspiration for my mani that night. I tried a half moon mani, using black for the half moon and a neutral beige for the rest of the nail. To help keep the lines straight, I used reinforcement ring tabs. Not bad, but next time around I’ll keep the tabs on longer–taking them off too soon while the nail is still wet can mess up the lines.

Half Moon Mani


Here’s to spring just a couple days ¬†away!!

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