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The End of Pregnancy Doesn’t Mean End of Beauty: 4 Tips and Tricks to Try Before You Pop

End of Pregnancy Beauty


I’m back! For now at least 🙂 A little hiatus was needed to prepare for the arrival of baby Rocco! All the sudden you turn around, you’ve gone to learn your baby’s gender at a place like Organic Gender, the baby’s room is painted and equipped, and you’re in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. The month of May included my baby shower, a wedding, setting up the baby’s nursery (aka our bedroom), and remodeling the kitchen and family room. No problem, right?

After the panic wore off, I kicked it into gear and am happy to say at 39 weeks tomorrow, we are just about ready.

To top it all off, the third trimester had a few surprises in store for me. My feet and legs swelled up to Nutty Professor proportions, my fingers were too fat for rings, heart burn, weak bladder, and I moved up a size in maternity clothes. My cute little bump was more like an awkward watermelon and far from cute. But thankfully, there are some beauty tips and tricks that I used to distract from how I really felt:

  1. Contouring is your best friend. When your face is bloated and fuller than usual, a little contouring can go a long way. For a day, I use a bronzer along the sides of my face, underneath my cheek bones and along my jaw line. For a glam night out, I use a cream foundation stick about 4 shades darker than my normal skin tone to really make the cheek bones pop. Don’t forget to top off the cheek bones with highlighter!  Try Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer, $51.00 and Iman Cosmetics Second to None Stick
    Hubby and I (his personal drink rest) at a family wedding. Contouring and lashes were a must!

    Hubby and I (his personal drink rest) at a family wedding. Contouring and lashes were a must!

    Foundation, $16

  2. Accessorize. If there is any time to try clip on extensions or false lashes. Pregnancy is a great time to do it. They are super easy ways to turn up sex appeal.
  3. Take advantage of the pregnancy ‘glow’. I haven’t had a break out on my face since my first trimester. I’m loving the clear skin I have right now and I’m saving my full coverage foundation for special occasions and using just a tinted moisturizer for day to day. My fav? NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, $42.
  4. Work with those growing nails and try a different nail shape. My nails grew faster than I could cut them, so instead of fighting it, I decided to shape them into a stiletto shape. Better to try it out before the baby arrives!


Most important tip? Don’t give up! But stay comfortable—the last 4 weeks will be the longest weeks ever!


Swollen feet? Nothing a fresh mani and bejeweled  sandals won't cure.

Swollen feet? Nothing a fresh mani and bejeweled sandals won’t cure.

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