How to Get Down: 3 Easy Steps to a Beautiful, Bouncy Blowout

how to blowout your hair, frizz ease


As you might recall, I’ve been participating in Frizz Ease’s #downfor30 challenge and my days for the #downfor30 cause are now numbered. I confess, there were a few fleeting moments when the black elastic sitting on my desk got the best of me and my hair once again found itself in the all too familiar comfort of a ponytail.

But participating in the challenge forced me to not only embrace my natural (and ridiculously voluminous) ringlets, but to learn the best ways to style it, what products work, and how to maintain the look.

It’s a journey I encourage everyone to try and it’s not too late to take the Frizz Ease #downfor30 challenge. Simply snap a photo of you rocking your hair down, upload it to Instagram, and use the hashtags #downfor30 and #sweeps. Not only will you embark on a personal hair self discovery, but you’ll have a chance to win an awesome trip to NYC! For more details, go to www.neverpullback.com/down.

While I’ve been loving my curls, I wanted to do a smoother, straighter style, but still keep plenty of volume and body. I do a “Down Under Blowout” in just 3 steps:

How to blow out curly hair, Frizz Ease

  1. Start with freshly washed damp hair. Apply a light hair oil through out hair. I used Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir. It adds softness and moisture necessary for a smooth blow dry.
  2. Divide hair into smaller sections. Start with a small section and using a blowdryer with a nozzle on it and a round brush, blow dry the hair with the brush over the hair so that hair flips up. This gives you plenty of tension to easily straighten out even the kinkiest of curls.
  3. When section is basically dry, finish drying the hair using the brush underneath so that the hair curls under. This gives the hair a smooth finish. Repeat on all sections until done.

That’s it! Additional straight hair tips:

  • Use a round brush with a mix of nylon and boar bristles
  • Start with hair that’s not soaking wet to prevent drying out hair
  • Sleep with hair in a high ponytail secured with a scrunch to preserve the style
  • Use dry shampoo to extend the life of the blowout or try Frizz Ease’s 3 Day Straight Flat Iron Spray for a longer lasting straight style


PrintFrizz-Ease believes that when you pull your hair back, you also pull yourself back. So we’re challenging women everywhere to take on the world hair-first and wear their hair #downfor30 days straight with the help their favorite Frizz-Ease products. Join the movement at NeverPullBack.com.



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