The Big 3-5! Here’s to 10 Years of (Questionable) Looks

Renee DeSantis

Today I turn 35 *shudder*, and I’ve been reflecting on how much I’ve changed and grown in the the past 10 years. On my 25th birthday, I was just kind of coasting through life. No real vision in sight and unsure of myself.  When I think about my life today, I’m incredibly grateful for the love, stability, happiness, and passion that are a part of my day to day life. And my hair thanks me as well.

During those “wondering” years, my hair changed with each life change–a breakup, a new job, graduating, you name it. It was until I met my husband, my rock and my center, that my look became consistent and more like me.

So as I embark on a journey into a new age bracket, enjoy a few of my hair raising highlights over the past decade!

brazil2007 edit2008editsmileedit

IMG_0666 edit

2013 edit


Down For 30edit




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