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Lavanila Offers the Perfect Holiday Fragrance- The Perfect Vanilla



I am a sucker for a great perfume, but I have a very hard time finding ones I like. I have my loyal two that I refer to (they shall not be named here!), but I now have a 3rd that is my new ‘fave’- Lavanila’s The Healthy Fragrance ($58): The Perfect Vanilla. This intoxicating blend of Madagascar vanilla, soft freesia and rich heliotrope is created by natural perfumers who use only the finest pure essential oils.


For me, vanilla smells like home. That warm, inviting, yummy smell of cookies and sweets. Yes, it sounds like a storybook, but isn’t that fantastic? I have been wearing The Perfect Vanilla for 5 days now and everyday I hear something along the lines of “what smells like cookies?” or “what smells so sweet”, I answer “it’s me! It’s Lavanila.”

The fragrance is so concentrated that I only use one squirt a day and it still catches people’s attention. I am absolutely hooked on this perfume and cannot wait to wear it around the holiday parties. Also, side note- I have found that it satiates my cravings for ‘something sweet’, so I find I’m not eating them as much! Bonus:)


You can purchase Lavanila’s The Healthy Fragrance ($58): The Perfect Vanilla at www.lavanila.com.


FYI- WE’RE BAAAACK! After some time off to be with our babies and to work, we are back and have some material for you! Stay tuned!



We Want More, We Want More…If We Like It, We Want More


Carol's Daughter Lavendar Vanilla edit

“We want more, we want more,”…that AT&T commercial has been stuck in my head for the past couple of weeks.  That’s how I feel when it comes to anything related to the spring. I keep counting the days until I can wear sandals and flip-flops (probably because it’s getting hard to put on socks and shoes).

The Lavender and Vanilla Collection from Carol’s Daughter is helping feed my spring addiction. The scent is wonderful—light and refreshing. But then there is the Body Cleansing Scrub. Oh that scrub. It got my skin so soft, smooth and glowing after using it in the shower, I’m officially hooked.

The Shea Souffle is super moisturizing, but not heavy where it leaves a residue. And the Dry Oil Mist is perfect for bare shoulders, legs, and arms for sultry summer nights.

Anything this good to my skin I’ll say, yes, we want more.


Full Disclosure: The products in this post were provided by the manufacturer for consideration. For more information on my disclosure policy, please see my disclaimer page

Favorite Products of The Week


gross rothwidowblink

Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body Lotion

I just started using this product after discovering it in a hotel room while shooting a commercial and I cannot believe how soft my skin is after just a couple of days of using this .
This body lotion  instantly soothes and nourishes dehydrated skin, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.(8.5 oz)  There is also a very nice mellow scent that I am attracted to.
Key Ingredients:
Vitamins C & E – Anti-oxidants help to fight free radical attack
Pro Vitamin B5 – Penetrates to help condition and nourish skin
(Retail $18 at ulta.com)

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Facial Peel

This product is instant gratification for me.. I’m constantly looking in the mirror at my aging signs (aka lines ),  After using this product one time I see the difference. You must keep using this product consistently to see lasting results. I’ve used this product in the past but it keeps coming back to me.

What Is It? A two-step anti-aging facial peel that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, fights blemishes and helps with dark spots and redness. Dr. Gross’ research shows this #1 selling at-home facial peel delivers instant and lasting benefits, including a smoother, brighter, more youthful and clearer complexion. 60 Applications. 2 jars (Step 1 & Step 2) containing 60 pads each.

Who Is It For? Anyone seeking to reduce signs of aging and gain a more radiant and youthful appearance. Appropriate for individuals of all skin types, including those with extremely sensitive skin and first-time facial peel users looking for a solution that requires no downtime.

Why Is It Different? Personally formulated by Dr. Gross, this patented two-step system combines refining Alpha Beta® Hydroxy Acids and wrinkle-reducing antioxidants–including Retinol, Ubiquinone, and Resveratrol–to smooth and enrich skin.

How Do I Use It? two-step process, applying each presoaked towelette to your face, neck and décolleté using a circular motion.


 MANE TEEZE Hair Perfume Black Widow

I never knew there was such a thing as hair perfume.. There are 3 fragrance choices: Black Widow ( my favorite), Haute Mess and Social Butterfly. Black Widow  is grape infused with a hint of dark amber. I cant stop spraying my hair.. I even sprayed my hat! I’m in love with this product.
MANE TEEZE hair perfume comes in 50mL glass bottle. { Retail $34.00 Maneteeze.com)

Pur:Big Blink Extreme Mascara

I’m sure you are all just like me always trying to find the right mascara.. I have tried them all . I really really like this one. It took my lashes to another level. It is Fortified with Argan Oil, this game – changing formula envelops lashes in nourishing, knockout color with endless build and dewy sheen. And with Pur’s exclusive, clump-resistant wand, getting smooth, evenly coated lashes is easy – even in tough inner corners! {Retail $20 Ulta.com}

Author: Danielle Minnella www.danielleminnella.com

Stephanie’s Secrets for the Softest Skin


One of the best things about being a woman (that men will never ever be able to top), is how soft and silky smooth our skin can be. Men simply can’t get enough of our touchable legs and arms due mostly to great female genes and these secrets I’m about to share with you!

I believe soft skin starts first and foremost with your shower routine. Please go out and purchase Fake Bake Body Polish immediately. It is an untapped must-have product that will instantly do wonders for your skin. It exfoliates and strips away any dead or dry skin gently, to reveal baby soft skin underneath. You’ll feel the results immediately and there is no better time than this Winter to prep your skin for Spring. I’ve been using it in the shower a few days a week all over the body, especially on legs and arms to get the smoothest result. I loved how instantly my skin felt the difference. The product is actually meant to prepare your skin for self-tanning using natural exfoliators to achieve the softest, smoothest skin possible before tanning. We love it for anytime use to restore  your skin’s natural moisture balance. Fake Bake Body Polish has a tropical passion fruit scent making you wish you were baring those legs at the beach!

After Fake Bake, I love to use a creamy body wash in the shower. I’m not a big spender when it comes to the ones I use, I often look for the best deal and love the scents and prices from St. Ives. I never use a bar of soap in the shower on my body because I can feel how easily it will dry out my skin. Body wash, body wash, body wash, any kind is better than soap, but extra creamy types are # 1.

A good beauty rule to follow will always be, “use what you have for one than one purpose!” I stick by this with my conditioner. I always go light on conditioner for my hair so typically have some leftover in my hand when washing. I use the extra over my arms and legs to deep condition my skin. It makes for a great finishing layer of moisture on the areas I want it most, like arms and legs. (The ones that are most likely to be touched.) You can also use your conditioner as a shaving lotion, moisturizing as you go.

Now that we’re clean, dry, and out of the shower I recommend lotioning up before heading out the door. I usually do this for a special occasion or when I have extra time to work on my skin. I am obsessed with Victoria’s Secret Rockin’ Bod lotion. The name and sexy girl on the bottle drew me in immediately with its promise of looking 5x sexier! This luminous perfecting body cream held up its end of the bargain to instantly soften and brighten my skin. It is tinted with a hint of shimmer to illuminate skin while hiding imperfections. My skin always feels and looks amazing after applying it all over my “rockin” bod.

Those are Stephanie’s secrets for the softest skin ever. What are some of your beauty secrets? Share them with A Beauty Loft!




<3 Stephanie

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