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Springing it forward with lighter locks


bayalage, dark brown hair bayalage

If you read my last post about turning 35 and how my hair and personal style is more consistent, please disregard as I embark on a new hair color journey for the spring (minus the life changing events).

My hair story for the past few years has been very low maintenance and natural. I add some subtle caramel bayalage last summer. If you’re not familiar with bayalage, it’s a french word that means to sweep or to paint. Instead of highlighting hair with traditional foils, they are hand painted on giving a more natural, sun-kissed look. I love it because it’s so low-maintance with no obvious growing out lines. This technique has been around forever, but has been gaining a lot of steam lately.

Rewind to last week. I had been thinking about punching up my color, as it had been 7 months since I last had color done (when I said bayalage was low maintenance, I wasn’t kidding). When my hairstylist, Susan (Salon Vanity in Philadelphia), suggested we go lighter, that was all I need to hear to take the plunge.

bayalage, saran wrap

no foils here—it’s a plastic wrap party!

We decided to leave my natural dark brown base as is and not lighten it. That way the color is still relatively low maintenance. I was there for a 2-3 hours, but the results were well worth it.

dark brown bayalage

Color after being blown out

brunette bayalage, dark brown

Lightened locks definitely need some TLC. I’ve been using Shu Uemura Brilliant Glaze Collection to help preserve and protect my new hair color.

brunette bayalage

Some tips on going transitioning to a lighter color this spring:

  • If you plan on going darker again in the fall, don’t go too dramatic with the color as you want something easy to transition to back to.
  • Keep in mind your summer activities. If you do a lot of swimming, either in chlorine or salt water, remember colored treated hair is particularly sensitive to these activities.
  • Help keep color from fading with a gentle, sulfate free shampoo. I’ve been using Shu Uemura Color Lustre collection to keep my new color looking fresh.
  • Need color inspiration? Look to your kids. A friend of mine used her daughter’s sunny blonde as a starting point for her newly lightened hair. No kids? Find a picture of you as a child in the summer.

Winter Proofing Hair With Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection


This post is sponsored by P&G.

Head & Shoulders Moisture Care, co-wash, 2-in-1

It’s official. The groundhog saw his shadow and graced us with 6 more unwanted weeks of winter. That means 6 more weeks of delayed school openings, canceled dinner plans, and puffy coats and snow boots covered with that annoying film on dirty snow covered cars. Bleh.

It also means 6 more weeks of dry hair and scalp. The winter weather and dry indoor heating can wreck havoc on hair, especially ethnic hair, making it brittle and dry, thus more susceptible to split ends and dandruff.

The solution? Moisture. Moisture. And moisture. That’s why I was excited to try Head & Shoulders new line of hair care specifically formulated for textured hair. The Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection includes a shampoo, 2-in-1, co-wash and scalp soother.

The co-wash is great for when I wear my hair naturally curly. Co-washing, if you’re unsure of exactly what it is, is washing your hair with conditioner to ensure that dry/curly hair isn’t stripped of the precious oils it needs that washing with regular shampoo can cause.

Although my hair is naturally curly, in the winter I tend to wear it straight so the 2-in-1 wash is perfect for me. It contains vitamin E rich almond oil, coconut essence and dandruff-fighting ingredient zinc pyrithione (ZPT), which help combat the damage constant use of the hair dryer can cause. Before washing, I also used about 15 pumps of the scalp soother to cool and moisturize my scalp.


Head & Shoulders Moisture Care


I had great results with the 2-in-1. I never thought that I could just use one product for washing and conditioning, but I could with this one. My hair was flat, limp, and dull beforehand, and afterwards my hair felt soft and smooth, but I still had great body and shine.


Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection, Review, After


While I wish tomorrow I would be waking up to 75 degree weather instead of black ice warnings, good hair days help ease the pain. Thanks Head & Shoulders :)


HS_BlueHead and Shoulders scientists explored the unique needs and characteristics of African American hair and found a drastic need for moisture and protection. Head & Shoulders NEW Moisture Care collection, with Vitamin E rich almond oil and coconut essence, provides moisture for scalp and hair immediately and also over time, eliminating dandruff and leaving you 100% flake-free. For more information, visit Head & Shoulders on Facebook (www.facebook.com/headandshoulders) and follow @HeadShoulders on Twitter.

Creating wavy hair just got easier with these 3 products



If you follow my blog posts on Philly.com, I talked last week about Dove’s new ‘Love Your Curls’ campaign. I do love my curls, but I’m not ready to throw out my blow dryer just yet. Lately, I’ve been into subtle waves and discovered some great products that really work for this look.

1. Before blow drying I’ve been loving Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight. It’s a creme that’s applied to wet hair before blow drying that helps straighten your hair and curls get looser after continued use.  It definitely helps in an easier, smoother, and straighter blowout!

2. I also apply Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil on my hair before blow drying for softness and shine!

3. Once hair is dry and curled, I use Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray to add volume and texture

beauty waves, products for beachy hair waves,  kerastaste ellixir ultime, aveda smooth infusion naturally straight, oribe dry texturizing spray


TIP: To keep the style for a few days, I sleep with my hair in a top knot!

Turn Back the Hands of Time (Or At Least Press Pause) with Rejuvenique




Happy December everyone! I know it’s been a couple of weeks since my last update, but that is because I’ve been working on some great projects and of course, testing out new beauty products!

First up, is a new multipurpose oil that I’ve been using that’s is perfect for this colder weather. It’s called Rejuvenique Oil Intensive by Monat and it’s formulated for both hair and skin. What separates it from the other beauty oils on the market? It contains Abyssinian Oil, which mimics the body’s own natural oils to replenish and repair, making it the perfect anti-aging product.

My hair has been extremely dry and difficult to manage lately due to not only the cold weather but because I’m over due for a hair trim. After warming a couple of drops of Rejuvenique in-between my hands, I apply it throughout my hair, only concentrating from the ear and down, concentrating on the ends. It does a great job moisturizing and softening my hair after blowdrying, without weighing down my hair. As a matter of fact, I was pleasantly surprised that I stretched my blowout even longer this week to 6 days.


It’s also great for your cuticles—I keep the bottle by my bed and apply it to my cuticles before I go to sleep. Love a hard working/multi-tasking beauty product!

There’s a ton of different ways to really utilize this revolutionary oil. From deep hair conditioning treatments to skin softening, get more details at #Rejuveniqe www.monatglobal.com!

Full Disclosure: Some of the products in this post were provided by the manufacturer for consideration. For more information on my disclosure policy, please see my disclaimer page

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