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Get Real Housewives of New York City’s Heather Thomson’s Behind the Scenes Beauty Secrets!


New kid on the block, Heather Thomson, won fans over this season on The Real Housewives of New York City with her sharp business wit and classic one-liners (who else could bring back “Holla!”).

Also stealing the spotlight this season was Heather’s versatile makeup looks. From a classic smokey eye to a dramatic red lip, Thomson always looked flawless every scene.

Luckily her makeup artist, Kira Zlotnik, shared with us her behind the scene glam secrets!

How did you begin your career as a professional makeup artist?

I’ve always been a total makeup junkie – being a makeup artist was the next logical step. . After deciding to do my own wedding makeup because I couldn’t find an artist who made me look the way I wanted to look (less bridal, more fashion forward and natural), I realized others must be looking for the same thing and I was determined to be that artist. Starting my career working for Bobbi Brown cosmetics was amazing, and I was quickly promoted to her elite team of freelance artists where I travelled the country training other artists and teaching women to apply makeup like the pros

How did you begin working with Heather?

When Heather first started Yummie Tummie she needed a makeup artist for a web shoot. She contacted Bobbi Brown (Bobbi is a friend of Heathers) and Bobbi sent me to work with Heather.  When the opportunity for RHONY came up, Heather asked me to be her makeup artist.

What’s it like shooting for reality TV?

It’s challenging but a lot of fun. Heather was being filmed for TV one minute and being photographed the next so she needed to look great in all mediums. The makeup needs to hold up and look fresh on camera.

Describe Heather’s makeup look? Does she like a more natural look, experiment with trends, sultry?

Heather is always open to new ideas and trends so we try to mix it up a lot, however, she also knows what works for her so she won’t rock a trend just because it’s trendy. She always wants stand-out eyes, favoring a cleaner look for day and a soft smokey look for evening.

Real Housewives are known for being glamorous. What’s one way to instantly add glam to your makeup routine?

A clean black eye liner with a subtle wing is an easy and classic way to add glam to your makeup routine and it’s great because it can work for day or night depending on the lip you choose to pair it with. Also a subtle highlighter on the cheekbones makes makeup look a little more special.

Heather rocked a great red lip this season. What are your tips for perfecting the red lip look?

Heather got so many tweets about that lip! FYI – the color was Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Old Hollywood.

Red can be tricky to pull off but I really believe that ANYONE can wear it and that’s why it’s so iconic.

Old school rules (such as orangey reds for warm skin tones and blue reds for cool skin tones) are so passé. Choose a red that you love and when in doubt, go for a classic true red.

Red lips can draw attention to any redness in the skin so make sure to wear a foundation with enough coverage.

If your lips are thin or lack definition, first line your lips with a neutral liner and then using a lip brush apply the lip color starting from the center of the lip all over. I like a neutral lip liner versus a red so that the lip doesn’t look too drawn on.

If you have fuller lips, apply the lipstick first, then line and blend.

5 products you can’t live without?

Bobbi Brown gel eye liner – dark eye liner really makes eyes pop. This goes on smoothly, stays on forever and it’s versatile – you can get a clean line or smudge it for a smokier look

 Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tar – super pigmented, these stay on forever and you can easily mix colors to customize a perfect shade

Ardell black short flare individual eye lashes – they elevate makeup to celebrity level but still look real so they work for even the most natural looks

Hourglass Cosmetics Mineral Veil Primer – smoothes out fine lines, pores and keeps foundation in place

Scott Barnes Body Bling – Every housewife wanted to use this when I brought it to a photo shoot. It gives your legs that perfect shimmery tan glow and doesn’t rub off on clothes.

Favorite makeup trend this season?

It’s all about the lips this season and I love it! Darker, richer colors are making a comeback and they look amazing on all skin tones this winter.

A beauty “don’t” you see women commonly make?

Wearing eyeliner only on the lower lash line – this brings the focus of makeup down which makes women look older. Plus it attracts attention to dark circles.

Focusing solely on eye makeup and neglecting skin. Makeup should be balanced and above all the skin needs to look great.

Tips for aspiring celebrity makeup artists?

Always be open to learning from others and networking – you never know who you’ll meet and how you can work together!

 To get in contact with Kira, visit her facebook or twitter pages!

Garden State Glamour: Celebrity Makeup Artist George Miguel Dishes On Reality Beauty-Jersey Style!


Kathy Walke, Melissa Gorga makeup, George Miguel

Mention the words New Jersey and style, and images of spray tans, heavy eyeliner, and pale lipstick come to mind. At some point in history, New Jersey’s beauty rep took a nose dive and hasn’t recovered (I blame the Jersey “Mall Hair” Era—where a can of AquaNet was a Jersey girl’s bff).

Enter George Miguel, makeup artist to Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga. A home grown Jersey boy that despises the stereotypical ‘Jersey girl’ look, Miguel has dedicated his talents to transforming the state’s beauty perceptions.. one brush swipe at a time.

A Beauty Loft got a chance to talk with George about makeup, housewives, and Jersey girls!

How did you get your start in makeup? Was it always your first choice as a career?

Makeup kind of fell into my lap. I was inspired by my late mother and older sister as a child; they just seemed so powerful

Makeup Artist George Miguel

to me.

Any tips for makeup artists looking to get into the industry?

I tell people to be patient. It’s a hard industry to get accepted in…just practice on everyone from teen to mature skin and play with different brands of makeup. Again, it’s makeup– it should be fun. It’s not permanent J

As the makeup artist to both Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile on Real Housewives of New Jersey, do the Jersey housewives have a particular “look”?

Kathy and Melissa are great! Love them to pieces as the both have different looks to them. Jersey girls like to have fun, as we have many stereotypes of being über -tan with a beat down smokey eye.  These ladies take a classier approach on that.

TV in HD isn’t the most forgiving when it comes to complexions. How do you make Kathy and Melissa look so flawless?

Well as far as TV,  you need to have a light hand and the right makeup to last with all the lighting that takes place…some of my faves are Makeup For Ever, Kett , Laura Mercier, MAC, and  NARS. They have HD quality makeup that looks great on camera.

Melissa Gorga’s eye makeup always looks amazing. Any tips for fans wanting to re-create her look at home?

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga

I like to play up the shape of the eye by using lashes it’s the key along with a smoldering eyeliner and a inner highlight to open up the eye. Another trick I do is use the blush color or bronzer in the crease and under the eye to create a sultry soft look.

When it comes to Kathy, we’ve seen her look go from sophisticated mom of two to sexy wife.  What’s the easiest way to add drama to your makeup for a special occasion?

I like to give the cheek and lip a pop of color. It’s the easiest way to turn day into night, with a pair of lashes, a nice glam look.

Beauty mistakes you see women make?

Ahhh!  When they use too light of a concealer under the eye! Go more peach instead and brighten the eye. I also dislike overly bronze skin. Just softly contour the perimeter of the face. It looks more natural.

Makeup/hair trend you would like to see disappear in 2012?

Anything you see on Jerseylicous!  The super wing liner, the dead pale lip, and super big hair has to go LOL!

Must have beauty products?

Embryolisse moisturizer , Kett cosmetics (best airbrush foundation), Krylon concealers,YSL Touché Eclatepen, and a good ol’ eyelash curler!

Bravo’s Andy Cohen with George Miguel

What’s in the future for George Miguel?

Hmmmm…who knows maybe a book in the future or a makeup line, but I can say this you will see more of me in the future!

Exclusive Interview With Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Kathy Wakile On Beauty, Parenting, and More!


Suburban moms take note. Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Kathy Wakile is raising Bravo TV’s housewife bar on and off camera. A glimpse into Kathy’s home during season four (her first season) revealed a normalcy viewers could relate to and a welcomed breath of fresh air compared to the opulence and chaos fans of the show are now accustomed to seeing. Along  with husband Richie (dubbed the Lebanese Jeff Goldblum), Kathy managed to emerge unscathed from the Jersey drama—showcasing a passion for baking and raising teens Victoria and Joseph—reality TV’s most well behaved adolescents.

What many may not know, is that before Kathy was bitten by the Bravo bug, the beauty industry was her calling. A Beauty Loft caught up with Kathy to discuss everything from beauty to parenting!

We always see the RHONJ girls getting their makeup done on the show. Do you have your makeup done professionally every time you film or do you do it yourself sometimes?

It’s always a treat to have my makeup done professionally, but when we are just filming our daily routine, I do it myself. I am a licensed cosmetologist and worked in a salon for many years before I had my kids so I’m not a stranger to the world of beauty.

I’ve always enjoyed doing my own hair and makeup and loved doing it for others as well. However, when we are filming our one on one interviews and special events, I do have my makeup professionally done.

What’s your makeup routine when you aren’t filming?

When I’m not filming I try to wear as little makeup as possible, unless of course I’m out for an event or dinner. There are two things besides moisturizer that I most always wear and that’s under eye concealer and something on my lips.

Under eye concealer, because my eyes are so big & so is the area underneath, genetically that area tends to be a little darker than the rest of my complexion, so I like to brighten that area up.

Lipstick, gloss or lip balm, because It’s always a great look to see a bright shining smile (that’s one of the beauty tips I learned from my mom)!

HD TV isn’t the most flattering when it comes to imperfections. How do you keep your skin so flawless?

Well you’re very kind to say that, also very true HD TV is very unforgiving. I have to admit, I’ve always been very lucky. I can’t take all the credit for my complexion. My parents both had the most incredible skin, both texture and tone. However, since I was a kid probably about as early as 12 or 13 years old I have always taken very good care of my skin, cleansing my skin thoroughly twice a day, never going to bed with makeup on. Ever.  Moisturizing and drinking tons and tons of water daily. Not smoking ever, has also helped. I will confess though, I’ve always been a sun worshipper

What are your must have makeup products?

My must have makeup products are:

Burt’s Bees medicated lip balm

Neutrogena – Norwegian formula hand cream

Neutrogena Body oil – light sesame formula

Aquaphor Healing ointment – advanced therapy (for everything)

MAC – Complete Comfort Cream facial moisturizer

MAC- Eye Cream

Laura Mercier – tinted moisturizer

Lancome Maquicomplet Concealer wand – Correcteur

Lancome Rouge Magnetic Lipstick – Sizzle (red)

Also was introduced to Kinerase Products from my friend Alyssa Shackil, owner of Blush Makeup Studio in Hawthorne. Alyssa, along with George Miguel, have done my makeup for RHONJ and other special events.

How long did you do hair?

I loved being a hairdresser. I started working in a salon as soon as I was allowed to. Just sweeping up, shampooing whatever I was permitted to do at an early age of 13 years old. I actually became a licensed hairdresser as soon as I graduated high school and worked up until I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter Victoria.

Do you do your own hair for the show?

It’s always very strange having my hair done. I prefer to do it myself, however I need to have it done for my one on one interviews. The cameras pick up every piece of fly away hair and so for those days I need another set of hands. I tend to like my hair messy and touchable, that look doesn’t read well on the interview set. My longtime girlfriend & former coworker Mina Terranova / L’egance Hair Salon in Totowa does my hair for those days.

What are some of your favorite hair products?

As a hairdresser you’d think that I would be obsessed with product, but I’m not. I use a few different products to achieve different things. My hair is naturally “BIG”, so I need to use product to tame it.

For my curly days when the humidity is high I use:

KMS – sculpting lotion

Joico – sculpting lotion

For my straight smooth days I use:

Chi – straight guard- smoothing styling cream, before I blow out my hair.

Also love Ecru products especially silk nectar serum for both curly & straight days.

Victoria, your daughter, always looks age appropriate when it comes to her makeup. Any tips for mothers on how to introduce makeup to a teenage daughter?

I remember when Victoria first started to show interest in wearing makeup we had a talk about makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty and not take away from it. I made a promise to her that I would allow her to wear makeup as long as she didn’t abuse it and as long as she took care of her skin. If we start with a clean palette we don’t really need too much to make our features stand out. Victoria is lucky to have big features so she doesn’t really need too much makeup. I’m very fortunate that she took

my advice and I’m always there to give her lessons or to do her makeup when she needs me. That also helps.

Besides RHONJ, is anything else in the works?

In December of 2011, I launched an artisan Jewelry line called “The Goddess Eye”. It’s my take on the “evil eye” I prefer to call it the Goddess eye because it’s supposed to be worn to empower those who wear it, a reminder that all of us possess goddess or godly like qualities, believing in those qualities enables us all to achieve our goals and do great things for one another. A portion of the proceeds from The Goddess Eye will be donated to The National Brain Tumor Society.

As you may or may not know Victoria had surgery for a benign brain tumor at the age of 10 years old, one of things that hinted to me there was something terribly wrong was the way her eyes looked. It makes sense that your eyes would be the gateway to what is happening in your brain.

We are so honored to announce that Victoria and I have been asked to be chairs of The National Brain Tumor Society walk for a cure. This is the 2nd annual walk to be held on Governor’s Island , NYC on June 16, 2012. You can go to http://www.braintumor.org to find out more info and how you can sign up to team “Victorious Angels”.

In February, I’m planning to launch a prepared cocktail based on one of my favorite desserts “Red Velvet Cosmo” I found a way that “You can have your cake and drink it too”.

I have so many creative ideas in my bouncing around in my head, but I have to make sure too keep priorities in line and that means taking baby steps as my kids approach being young adults.

You can keep up to date with what’s happening by following Kathy on Twitter @KathyWakile or her Facebook page Kathy Wakile  


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Dedra Whitt Dishes on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer’s Post-Divorce Look, and More!


Fans of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were first introduced to Dedra Whitt season 1 as Camille Grammer’s BFF and personal makeup artist. With over 15 years under her makeup belt, Whitt has worked with Hollywood’s elite, from Jessica Biel to Mila Kunis. Fiercely loyal to Camille both on and off camera through some of her toughest days, Whitt is the best gal-pal you could ask for: tissue in one hand, gloss in the other.

A Beauty Loft caught up with the busy makeup maven and mom to dish on her career as a Hollywood makeup artist, her friendship with Camille, and Beverly Hills worthy beauty tips!

Was a career in makeup your first choice? How did you get started? Well, I hate to say it but acting was my first career. Which is so ironic now being that my best friend is on this show and I am once again in front of the camera. Life and it’s full circle. Anyway, I always loved makeup. I have always loved the transformation it makes. The way it makes a woman feel. The expression of it.

How did you get into makeup for celebrities? Living in LA it was natural.  I was more of a fashion girl though. Campaigns for Guess and Rampage. Shoots with Herb Ritts. I love editorial. There are so many celebs in LA though, it is just part of the deal.

What are the biggest perks of what you do? Traveling to places you wouldn’t normally get to go. Being in locations you wouldn’t normally get to be in. Every day is new and fresh and creative. The job is a perk in itself.

Negatives? The uncertainty. The reliance on someone else’s whim and fancy.

Any tips for aspiring makeup artists looking to follow in your footsteps? Do every job you can, even if it doesn’t pay enough. You never know who you might meet. Be a true artist. Hone your craft. Look at images in books and magazines constantly for inspiration. Always strive for perfection. Settle for nothing less.

How did you and Camille become friends? We were shoe models together in New York. Enzo Angiolini.

What’s it like being in front of the camera instead of behind the scenes for RHOBH? It’s weird. I have to admit. But fun kinda too. The whole thing is a trip. Everyone definitely has their own personality. You can’t make this s*$t up!

What are some of your favorite makeup looks and products to use on Camille? Ok, this is where it get’s fun for me. Camille is beautiful and even more beautiful without makeup. She has gorgeous skin! I love using colors on her like purple and green and blending a soft smokey eye. We use Armani foundation and Chanel lip glosses. I bring out her true beauty by not packing on the makeup. Creating a dewy finish to her skin and shimmer on her eyes.

Let’s talk Camille’s look season 2. Has her look changed at all post-divorce? Sure. We’ve played up her confident, single self for sure! More straight, sexy hair. Again, shimmer and sexy looks without looking like a tart.

5 Tips beauty tips you’d like to pass on to the readers. 1. It starts with the skin. exfoliate and hydrate. Without beautiful skin, it doesn’t matter what you put on top. Use a Clarisonic brush once a day. 2. Get lots of sleep. That is the best trick for beauty. I sleep like 9-10 hours a night. 3. Use a great concealer. If you can’t get 10 hours of sleep it will give you the appearance of it. Chanel makes a great one. Mally makes a great one. Something creamy and warm in hue. 4. When applying makeup, less is definitely more. Accentuate the positives in your appearance. Don’t mask them. 5. Stay out of the sun. it  is the worst. Unfortunately, thank you ozone layer!!

What can we see in the future from Dedra? Makeup line, perhaps? I would love a makeup line. Are you kidding?! I have so many ideas but for now just being the best I can be here in the moment. Not pushing the future too much. I want to work on big campaigns and helping people look and feel the best they can. That’s all I really want. When someone smiles when they see themselves and says they love the way they look. That’s what makes my day!!

Keep up with Dedra and her awesome beauty tips on her blog, facebook, and twitter! Thanks, Dedra!


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