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5 Drugstore Anti-Aging Products Everyone Over 30 (and Smart 20-Somethings) Should Have


Drugstore Anti Aging


There’s nothing like turning 30 to send a woman into mild to extreme hysteria. Without warning, cashiers are now calling you “ma’am” (seriously, how rude?) and songs of your prime, are now only played on the radio’s Old Skool At Noon set.

You now also want to try erase some of the skin sins you committed in your 20s…whether it was filled with smokey nights of binge drinking with little sleep or summer days basking in baby oil at the beach, the fine lines around your eyes don’t get any better from here!

Thanks to some voluntary (and involuntary) lifestyle changes, I can happily say my skin is even better now than it was in my 20s. Acne scars have faded, my breakouts are rare, and it generally looks healthier.

After reading the advice of dermatologists and skin care experts, the following list are some of my favorite anti-aging products—that can all be found at the drugstore:

  1.  Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System: I’ve tried both this cleansing brush and the more expensive Clarisonic and while there are differences, this is a great choice that’s easy on the wallet. It gets skin cleaner than just washing alone–thus preventing breakouts and making way for your products to work better.
  2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 35: I know you’ve heard it 1,000x before, but daily sunscreen is the most effective measure in preventing the signs of aging, and more importantly protecting against skin cancer. This is a great daily moisturizer that is light weight and goes on smoothly under makeup.
  3. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: This cleanser has a cult following for a reason. It cleanses without irritating and drying out the skin.
  4. Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub: Exfoliating is an important skin care step that people forget. Removing the dead skin cells makes way for new skin cells and softer, brighter skin.
  5. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream:  Retinol is the Holy Grail of anti-aging.  As *we* (yes, you are included since you’re over 30 now) get older, our skin’s ability to renew itself slows down–thus causing wrinkles and sagging skin. This night formula is great because it’s not as harsh on the skin as prescription strength Retinol and fine lines are diminished over time with continued use.


What Polar Vortex? la prairie’s Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection Has Your Skin Covered


la prairie cellular swiss ice crystal

Between this Polar Vortex that has long out stayed its welcome and crazy post-pregnancy hormones, my skin has decided to start acting out. It’s dry because of the dry heat that is constantly pumping in my house and I’m breaking out because of post-preggo-still-breastfeeding-but-slowing-down hormones.

I’ve started a routine to combat the the breakouts, but my dry skin was still an issue. Further clogging pores with the wrong moisturizer can just make matters worse.

Enter la prairie’s new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some and try out the newest collection from the iconic skin care line. The collection includes the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil. It didn’t disappoint. Here’s the deets:

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream: Melts into skin immediately leaving skin instantly soft and supple.

la prairie swiss ice crystal creme

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil: How can an oil not be oily? It’s weightless and gives the skin a gorgeous glow.I thought the last thing I would ever do is put oil on my face, but I did and my skin loves me for it.

la prairie swiss ice crystal dry oil

I played around with how I used it…I tried just the cream at night and the oil in the morning, but I also tried combining both the oil and creme for extra moisture. No matter which way I applied it, the results were the same. Skin so soft and supple it rivaled that of my 7 month old. No breakouts, no oily skin….just velvety smooth goodness. I even think it actually calmed my breakouts.

To purchase or find out more, go to www.laprairie.com

Miles high in the Swiss Alps, in a world of sheer ice crystals, beauty transcends time. Here, two seemingly fragile plants and one tiny algae survive and thrive in the harshest setting on earth, developing strategies to outwit the environment. It’s only fitting then that la prairie, with a heritage deeply rooted in Switzerland, harnessed these extreme-survivalist secrets into the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection. The discovery combines some of the most sophisticated survivalist secrets.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by laboratories la prairie via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of laboratories la prairie.

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The Coconut Trend: Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Beauty Pads


Seems like  everywhere you  turn there’s coconut water or coconut milk or coconut oil.  I happen to love the smell of coconut and since its become such a trend  there is pretty much coconut somewhere in my daily routine or diet.


I decided to try the Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Beauty Pads and fell in love!  Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Coconut Water Beauty Pads is a serum, light peel, and glow nighttime treatment all in one. Like most of the Joey New York products it is infused with Young Green Coconut Water. If that all doesn’t sound amazing – it gets better, this product, instantly makes your skin feel and look younger overnight and will give you that tropical glow even though we have hit the Fall months.

This exotic blend of coconut water from the Polynesian tropics combined with carefully extracted natural fruit acids will instantly minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, large pores, and dull, uneven skin tone as essential vitamins and minerals with activate cell regeneration while you sleep.

This treatment is best absorbed and delivered to the lower layers of the skin when the body is at rest. { Retails $32.00 for 30 pads}

Check out Joey New York for more info and additional products.

Also sold at:

Spa Look    logo-skinstore


Author: Danielle Minnella www.danielleminnella.com

Who would have thought Aquaphor and Sugar!!??


Dull flaky skin that needs a quick remedy…. read on!!


A client sits in my makeup chair for her on camera appearance and the first thing I see is dry flaky spots all over her skin.

I didn’t have a facial scrub with me so I had to think quick I couldn’t apply makeup just yet. We all know the makeup only looks as good as the skin. I always carry some aquaphor with me and I happen to see a packet of sugar lying around. So I quickly did  a mix of both sugar and aquaphor now what do I have ?? A scrub.!

I gently applied it to the areas that needed it with a q- tip  then with my finger  in a circular motion I started peeling the dead skin off.

I was amazed at how great her skin looked .. However if your gong to try this please make sure you thoroughly wash off the aquaphor and sugar before the makeup application.




Author: Danielle Minnella www.danielleminnella.com

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