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Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist and Cosmetics Line Creator: SONIA KASHUK!



We had the incredible honor of interviewing Sonia Kashuk! She is a renowned makeup artist, creator of the Sonia Kashuk Cosmetics line carried exclusively at Target, mother, and savvy business woman. Sonia let us in on some of her beauty secrets, told us about her motivations, favorite products, and many tricks of the trade!


A Beauty Loft: In your opinion, what is the most important quality of great makeup?

Sonia Kashuk: That it makes the woman look better. It has to be enhancing and doing something to help the woman feel and look better.


ABL: What are some budding trends for Spring/Summer 2012?

  • SK: Orange is the new black. Orange is a year round color that is a staple, but the emphasis is strong for this season. Orange has a new ‘seasonless’ quality and is being seen everywhere.


ABL:  How long have you been practicing makeup and what has been the hardest part of building your career?

  • SK: 30 years. The hardest part, in a weird way, is the more I know, the more I realize I don’t know. I am always learning.


ABL: What does your daily makeup routine consist of?

  • SK: It varies. I have different levels. It can be next to nothing in my office when I’m trying products. I’m a huge believer in foundation- a little goes a long way.  I also love blush for just a pop of color. I always do my brows and add mascara.


ABL: What is one beauty secret you have or use?

  • SK: Doing something to bring the eyes up. Seeing how you can play with makeup to turn your negatives into positives.


ABL: Can you tell us about what inspires you when creating new products for your Sonia Kashuk Cosmetics line?

  • SK: Women. How and what I can do so that my makeup is easy for them to use. I am my consumer. I use my knowledge of women and think about what we need.


ABL: Who is one person that is a great inspiration to you?

  • SK: Two people: My mother. She’s had 5 kids and is a wonderful person. She does so much. Also, my dear friend Cindy Crawford. She has worked very hard and I learn a lot through seeing her success.


ABL: When did you or when will you know you have found success in the beauty industry?

  • SK: Getting the CEW award was really an amazing experience for me. [In the fall of 2003, Sonia was presented with the prestigious Cosmetic Executive Woman Achiever Award in honor of her many accomplishments and unrelenting dedication. Source: SoniaKashuk.com] Success, I find, is when people talk to me about enjoying my products; the feedback from a woman who is happy.


ABL: What is your favorite makeup brush and what do you use it for?

  • SK: My Sonia Kashuk Small Multipurpose Powder Brush (Available at Target.com. Suggested Retail: $10.79). Touchups, powder, shadow, I use it for everything.


ABL: Can you offer one tip to women with problematic or acne prone skin?

  • SK: Try your best to use very little product on your skin. Leave it as clean as possible. Skincare is essential and only use color products on your face when you need it.


ABL: What is your secret for achieving the perfect red lip?

  • SK: Understanding that it shouldn’t be overly defined. The red lip is easier to wear today then it has been in the past. Use a finger and blur the edges of the lip line, that makes is softer and more easily attainable.


ABL: Finding the right shade of red can be very tricky, can you offer any tips on finding the right shade when considering blue-red vs. orange-red?

  • SK: This is what caused me to develop my cosmetics line! If you are shopping for a red lipstick, look for a brand that has one or two. Smaller brands will have one red that looks good on everybody. We have one red lip crayon and we have yet to find a woman it doesn’t look good on.


ABL: What challenges have you had to overcome by being a mother and a successful woman in the beauty industry?

  • SK: I’m a perfectionist and a control freak, but something has to give. It’s impossible to be good at everything. Some days I’m great as a mom, some days I’m great at work. I do the best I can do. It is hard because of my need to be on top of my game.


ABL: What is your favorite product from your line and why?

  • SK: I’m so passionate about what I do and my brand, but one product I am really proud of is my foundation. The skin looking flawless is so important and one of the hardest things to get a woman to love is foundation. Foundation makes a difference, but it is the hardest consumer attraction.


ABL: Do you ever have a hard time figuring out you own look or makeup routine?

  • SK: There are times I have been photographed and I see things that worked and times I see things that didn’t.  I recommend taking pictures of yourself to see how you look. Its a truer sense of how you actually look then looking in the mirror.


Final note: “To all the ABeautyLoft readers: Don’t ever discredit the power and quality of cosmetics found in the mass market. Be careful where you go. I have brought the quality of prestige [into the mass market] without the price.” -SONIA KASHUK


Sonia spoke with us with such humility and kindness; it was a true pleasure. It isn’t often that a woman who has achieved such success and notoriety is so down to earth and sweet. A giant ‘Thank You’ to Sonia for giving us the time for this interview. We will forever be fans and supporters! Below, you can find some products that are Sonia’s recommended favorites, as well as a few of our favorites! All Sonia Kashuk Products can be found at Target and Target.com.


SK Small Multipurpose Powder Brush; SK Perfecting Luminous Foundation; SK Lip Crayon in Rosey Nude; SK Synthetic Crease Brush



Spring Cleaning: When to Toss Old Makeup and How to Clean Your Brushes and Makeup


You may have heard how important it is to clean your makeup brushes, but do you know the importance of cleaning your actual makeup? Not only does your makeup need to be cleaned and sanitized, but all makeup also has an expiration time. If you use makeup beyond its suggested time, you could encounter some undesired outcomes.

Suggested time to keep makeup:

  • Mascara: 3 months
  • Lipstick: 2 years
  • Lipgloss: 2 years
  • Powder Shadow: 2 years
  • Cream Shadow and Liner: 6 months
  • Liquid Foundation: If in a pump: 2 years. If in a bottle that has an open top: 6- 12 months
  • Concealer: 6 months
  • Pencils that can be sharpened (eye, lip, etc): 3 years
  • Face powder (blush, foundation, etc): 3 years
  • Primer: 2 years
  • Liquid Liner: 3 months

After the suggested expiration, makeup starts to grow bacteria and can cause a plethora of problems ranging from contributing to acne to causing eye infections. Keeping your brushes clean is just as important as washing your face daily. When you have dirty brushes, you reintroduce bacteria and germs onto your skin.

To clean your brushes:

You will need: a gentle soap (like baby soap) or a specified brush cleaner like Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser (Suggested Retail: $6.69. Available at Target.com), a towel or paper towels, and 91% alcohol and a small spray bottle.

  • Run the tips of the brushes (careful not to soak the area where the bristles meet the metal) until they are wet.
  • Drop a few drops of soap or a specified brush cleaner into the palm of your hand.
  • In a circular motion, massage the cleanser into the brush. Really work the cleanser through the bristles (about 10 seconds).
  • Run the brush under warm water, rinsing the suds away.
  • Rub onto a towel (paper towel will work as well) again, in a circular motion. Be careful not to ‘pound’ the brushes into the towel, this will cause the bristles to loose their shape and/or break off.
  • Repeat these steps until the brushes leave no product behind on the towels. If product remains in the brush, repeat the first 4 steps until nothing is left behind on the towel.
  • Next, use 91% alcohol and spray it onto your brushes concentrating on the bristles.
  • Lay flat to dry. They are now clean and, because of the alcohol, sterilized.

Repeat this once per month and after any cold or illness, this will keep from spreading the germs back into your system.

To clean your makeup:

You will need: 91% alcohol, a small spray bottle, an eye/lip liner sharpener, and tissues.

  • Open all your blushes, pressed powders, shadows, cream concealers, etc. Anything that is in a container that opens in that fashion, open it up and line them up.
  • Pour the alcohol into the spray bottle.
  • Spray spray spray. Spray the alcohol right onto the powders/creams (pressed only). They will look a little scary and like you have ruined them, but the alcohol dries (and completely evaporates) quickly and will not effect the texture or quality of the product.
  • Using a tissue, wipe off all lipsticks, stick concealers, stick shadows, etc.
  • Spray them with alcohol.
  • Next, using the liner sharpener, sharpen all eyeliners, brow pencils, lip liners, etc, to a perfect point. By sharpening to a perfect point, you can be sure you are shaving off all old surfaces and germs.
  • Allow everything to dry completely before putting it away.


Voila! Your whole makeup and brush collection are completely clean and sanitary. This is one routine that professional makeup artists use when cleaning their materials from one client to the next.


Happy Spring Cleaning Beauties!





Photo courtesy of Andrew Stern Photography and www.jenniferkinford.com

You’re Only As Good As Your Tools: Sigma Beauty Adds 2 New Brushes!


The make of my favorite makeup brushes, Sigma announced today the release of two new brushes to be added to the permanent brush line; the E75 – Angled Brow brush and E80 – Brow and Lash brush. These two brushes are a must have for defined and well groomed brows and lashes. Both brushes will be sold individually, making them the perfect addition to any Sigma kit!

Each was developed to enhance your brows and lashes, to give your overall look a perfected finish. The E75 – Angled Brow brush is perfect for filling in sparse brows with powder or gel products. Use a sketching motion to create a hair like effect and a more defined brow. The E80 – Brow and Lash brush is ideal for combing and taming brow hairs while shaping and filling. In addition, this brush is great for pulling through lashes for separation and exactness. Both brushes are made with synthetic bristles.


Sigma is an online global beauty company whose motto is Keeping the World Beautiful. Dedicated to designing the highest quality, professional beauty products at an affordable price, they strive to achieve an unmatched balance in quality and affordability. With their high customer service satisfaction and innovative products, Sigma is unlike any other company in the industry.

For more information about the newly released products, please contact pr@sigmabeauty.com. You can purchase both brushes at SigmaBeauty.com for $11 (Angled Brow- E75) and $9 (Brow and Lash- E80). I hope you love them as much as I do!




Review: Sephora Collection Pro Blush Brush #49


My blush brushes previously were horrible and consisted of the free ones you get with department store brushes. They would shed when I washed them and applied the color streaky.

Since I purchased the Sephora All Over Shadow Brush #12, I’ve been a big fan of there brushes. The Pro Blush Brush #49 certainly didn’t disappoint!

The #49 brush is an angled brush so it’s great for contouring the cheekbones. It picks up just the right amount of color and applies it beautifully–no streaks and evenly. As an added bonus, the bristles are anti-bacterial, which means they don’t need to be cleaned as often.

Where to buy:

Sephora $32

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