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Interview With Celebrity Makeup Artist Penny Sadler


We had the opportunity to interview Dallas-based Celebrity Makeup Artist Penny Sadler. She has worked as a makeup artist for over 20 years and has done print, commercials, fashion, brides, as well as worked with some big name celebrities.  Penny’s work can be seen in Forbes, Travel & Leisure and international editions of People, as well as in hundreds of national commercials and news broadcasts. She tells us some of her secrets, some of her favorite products and a bit about her favorite celebrities to work with!


A Beauty Loft: Have you always known you want to be a Makeup Artist?

Penny Sadler: Mostly, yes. I was just a teenager when I realized this would be my career path.


ABL: What is your evening skincare routine?

PS: I wash my face every night, no matter what. I then use a toning lotion, followed by a moisturizer with copper peptides and anti-aging hyloranic acid.


ABL: What has been the most challenging part of working as a pro Makeup Artist?

PS: The most challenging part is moving from place to place. You never know what your enviroment will be. There are hotel ballrooms, bathrooms, studios, etc. There is often terrible lighting and inconvenient weather that will change the job or ruin the makeup.


ABL: What is your favorite beauty tool?

PS: Ben Nye #18 Blending Brush (Suggested Retail: $14. Can be purchased at StageMakeupOnline). It can be used to apply foundation (in a pinch), but I mostly use it to blend the whole face. Blending is so important! It has synthetic bristles, which I love because they give a smoother application.


ABL: Who is your favorite celebrity client?

PS: Laura Leighton [Melrose Place and Pretty Little Liars] and Brooke Sheilds. Brooke is very sweet and gentle. She is a very kind woman and super easy to work with. Laura is very hands off. She gave me a lot of freedom to work and be creative. She’s very down to earth and not a diva at all.


ABL: If you had to run out of the house and only grab one makeup product, what would it be?

PS: Mascara! I love CoverGirl Lash Blast (Suggested Retail: $9.99. Available at CVS) and Dior Show Black Out (suggested Retail: $25. Available at Sephora).


ABL: What is your favorite skincare tip for problematic skin?

PS: Stop using soap and water on your skin. So many women look for something that is foaming and sudsy, but they strip the natural oils. Even women with oily skin can use an oil-based cleanser, just look for one made for oily skin. The oil cleanser breaks down the makeup much better then soap and gives a more thorough cleanse. Follow with a toning lotion or try witch hazel if you have oily skin.


ABL: Do you feel pressured to wear makeup constantly because you are a Makeup Artist?

PS: No. When I was new to the business, I felt this way. I do like to cover any serious imperfections like a blemish. I do fill in my brows though. My eyebrows are not even, so I must even them out.


ABL: Can you offer any advice to others who are looking to be a Makeup Artist or work in the beauty industry?

PS: Be quiet. Observe. Watch whats going on. Try to work with other people if you can and learn as much as possible from others. Then you’ll better know how to respond to different situations.


ABL: What are some products that, in your opinion, can be purchased at the drugstore and some you find necessary to spend more on?

PS: You can buy drugstore brand lipstick, translucent powders and shadows. Higher end products are more pigmented, but often drugstore products like shadows and lipsticks are great for the average consumer. Spend more on lip pencils, eye pencils and primers. Better quality pencils have better staying power and go on smoother.


ABL: While were on the subject, what is your favorite primer?

PS: Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum (Suggested Retail: $39.50. Available at Sephora). For more specified problem solving like pigmentation issues, I like the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primers (Suggested Retail: $38. Available at Sephora). The green primer does a fantastic job of balancing out red skin.


A huge thank you to Penny Sadler for allowing us to ask her so many questions and for offering great advice! For more information on the fabulous Penny Sadler go to: www.pennysadler.com





2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards: Get Olivia Wilde’s Hair with Celebrity Stylist David Babaii


According to celebrity hairstylist David Babaii, “Olivia Wilde’s hair makes her the perfect Bohemian Princess”. Her healthy and shiny hair with beachy highlights is the result of a great diet and the right professional hair care.


To begin her 2012 Film Independent Spirit Award’s style, David shampooed and conditioned her hair with IT&LY HAIRFASHION’S Pure Shampoo and Pure Conditioner. After blow drying her hair with a round brush to create lift and volume, David took various sized sections and lightly spritzing each with IT&LY Pure Texture Spray. Next, he wrapped each section around the inside of a 1 ½” barrel curling iron. To finish, he loosened each curl by running his fingers through for soft Bohemian Waves. He completed the look with IT&LY Pure Definition Hairspray for a soft hold.


To achieve shiny beachy highlights, David suggests that your hairstylist use IT&LY’s Easily Blond or Colorly 20/20 conditioning formulas for maximum to subtle color lift that compliements your existing shade. Now, with David Babaii‘s tips, it’s easy to look effortlessly Bohemian!





Photo available via Getty Images

Get Kate Hudson’s 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hair with Celebrity Stylist David Babaii


Kate Hudson looked radiant as she arrived at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter at Sunset Tower with hair by celebrity stylist David Babaii.

If you want to be a blonde like Kate, David recommends that your stylist uses IT&LY HAIRFASHION’s Colorly 20/20 professional hair color to achieve a natural, healthy and shiny blonde.

To start, Kate’s hair was cleansed and conditioned with IT&LY HAIRFASHION’s Pure Shampoo and Conditioner for optimum shine and hydration. David then sprayed IT&LY Pure Texture Spray and distributed this evenly through the hair to create the volume, texture and lift he was looking for. Next, David used a blow dryer on medium heat and medium air flow, using his hands instead of a brush to enhance texture. To create her beachy waves, he took random sections and wrapped them around various sized curling irons to create multiple textures. He finished this look with IT&LY Pure Definition Hairsprayfor a lightweight touchable hold.

We can only dream of attending any of the fabulous Oscar weekend happenings, but we don’t have to dream to look just as fabulous as the stars do! Follow David Babaii‘s step-by-step and your hair will be Oscar ready in no time!





Photo available via Getty Images

Get the Look: Elizabeth Banks at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with Celebrity Stylist Daniel Howell


Celebrity hair stylist Daniel Howell created Elizabeth Banks‘ stunning look with the help of Joico products.  The Hunger Games star wanted to go for simple and chic look to compliment her dress.  To prep for this look, Howell recommends to do an intense conditioning treatment with Joico K-PAK Revitaluxe a couple days prior to the event so the hair is in great condition to work with.


Take a look below to see his step-by-step on how to get Banks‘ look:


  • “On Damp hair, I evenly sprayed Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant on the hair to prevent damage from the heat of the dryer.
  • I began sectioning the hair in one inch sections, then starting at the nape I blow dried each section using a medium round brush, working my way from the nape to the front hairline, making sure that each section was completely dry.
  • I directed the roots of the hair downward on the sides and back of the head but on the top of the head I directed the hair up so it would have the lift I needed.
  • When the hair was completely dry I put a bit of Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil on the ends of the hair which helps to smooth out and dry or split ends and also gives a bit of texture.
  • Then I sectioned the hair on the top of the head and clipped it out of the way.  While I brushed the hair on the sides of the head back away from the face, I held the hair at the back of the head near the nape then I twisted the hair gradually moving upwards.  Securing it with hair pins as I was twisting.
  • Next, I tucked rest of the hair into the twist making sure the crown was secured with pins.
  • I then ran my fingers through the top section of hair, directing it towards the back. Tucking the ends of the hair and securing with hairpins, I used only my fingers to sweep the hair back so maintain the height and texture. To keep the look, I sprayed Joico’s JoiMist Firm Finish Spray.
  • To finish the look, I misted the hair with Joico Design Collection Humidity Blocker which prevents moisture in the air from making the hair frizzy.


Follow Howell’s steps and you will have a perfect french twist. Add a barrette, pull down a few free pieces or add some showstopping earrings… make it your own! Have fun with it!






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