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Interview With Celebrity Makeup Artist Penny Sadler


We had the opportunity to interview Dallas-based Celebrity Makeup Artist Penny Sadler. She has worked as a makeup artist for over 20 years and has done print, commercials, fashion, brides, as well as worked with some big name celebrities.  Penny’s work can be seen in Forbes, Travel & Leisure and international editions of People, as well as in hundreds of national commercials and news broadcasts. She tells us some of her secrets, some of her favorite products and a bit about her favorite celebrities to work with!


A Beauty Loft: Have you always known you want to be a Makeup Artist?

Penny Sadler: Mostly, yes. I was just a teenager when I realized this would be my career path.


ABL: What is your evening skincare routine?

PS: I wash my face every night, no matter what. I then use a toning lotion, followed by a moisturizer with copper peptides and anti-aging hyloranic acid.


ABL: What has been the most challenging part of working as a pro Makeup Artist?

PS: The most challenging part is moving from place to place. You never know what your enviroment will be. There are hotel ballrooms, bathrooms, studios, etc. There is often terrible lighting and inconvenient weather that will change the job or ruin the makeup.


ABL: What is your favorite beauty tool?

PS: Ben Nye #18 Blending Brush (Suggested Retail: $14. Can be purchased at StageMakeupOnline). It can be used to apply foundation (in a pinch), but I mostly use it to blend the whole face. Blending is so important! It has synthetic bristles, which I love because they give a smoother application.


ABL: Who is your favorite celebrity client?

PS: Laura Leighton [Melrose Place and Pretty Little Liars] and Brooke Sheilds. Brooke is very sweet and gentle. She is a very kind woman and super easy to work with. Laura is very hands off. She gave me a lot of freedom to work and be creative. She’s very down to earth and not a diva at all.


ABL: If you had to run out of the house and only grab one makeup product, what would it be?

PS: Mascara! I love CoverGirl Lash Blast (Suggested Retail: $9.99. Available at CVS) and Dior Show Black Out (suggested Retail: $25. Available at Sephora).


ABL: What is your favorite skincare tip for problematic skin?

PS: Stop using soap and water on your skin. So many women look for something that is foaming and sudsy, but they strip the natural oils. Even women with oily skin can use an oil-based cleanser, just look for one made for oily skin. The oil cleanser breaks down the makeup much better then soap and gives a more thorough cleanse. Follow with a toning lotion or try witch hazel if you have oily skin.


ABL: Do you feel pressured to wear makeup constantly because you are a Makeup Artist?

PS: No. When I was new to the business, I felt this way. I do like to cover any serious imperfections like a blemish. I do fill in my brows though. My eyebrows are not even, so I must even them out.


ABL: Can you offer any advice to others who are looking to be a Makeup Artist or work in the beauty industry?

PS: Be quiet. Observe. Watch whats going on. Try to work with other people if you can and learn as much as possible from others. Then you’ll better know how to respond to different situations.


ABL: What are some products that, in your opinion, can be purchased at the drugstore and some you find necessary to spend more on?

PS: You can buy drugstore brand lipstick, translucent powders and shadows. Higher end products are more pigmented, but often drugstore products like shadows and lipsticks are great for the average consumer. Spend more on lip pencils, eye pencils and primers. Better quality pencils have better staying power and go on smoother.


ABL: While were on the subject, what is your favorite primer?

PS: Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum (Suggested Retail: $39.50. Available at Sephora). For more specified problem solving like pigmentation issues, I like the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primers (Suggested Retail: $38. Available at Sephora). The green primer does a fantastic job of balancing out red skin.


A huge thank you to Penny Sadler for allowing us to ask her so many questions and for offering great advice! For more information on the fabulous Penny Sadler go to: www.pennysadler.com





The 4 Essential Makeup Brushes


A professional makeup artist will usually have 40+ makeup brushes, but a woman really only needs about 4! There are certain brushes that can multitask and cover all your bases. If you invest in a handful of good brushes, they will last years and will achieve a nicer product with every application. Some brushes cost $50 and some cost $15, but a high price tag doesn’t always mean a better brush. Be selective and follow these tips when buying brushes.


So what brushes do you need?

1. A foundation brush. I really love the Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Blusher Brush. They say it is a blusher brush, but when used with a liquid foundation, this brush will give you an airbrushed look. Apply foundation in a circular motion until blended. I would choose this Sonia Kashuk over my $40 foundation brush! Available at Target. Suggested Retail: $14.99

2. A concealer brush. The #110 Concealing Brush from Cover FX is the perfect concealer brush. When choosing a concealer brush, look for synthetic bristles- concealer doesn’t absorb into them as easily as natural bristles. Your concealer will last longer when used with a synthetic bristle brush, thus saving you money! Available at Sephora. Suggested Retail: $14.

3. An angle liner brush. You can use this brush for liner, shadow, to fill in brows and even as a lipstick brush (in a pinch!). I recommend the MAC 208 Angled Brow Brush. The 208 is thin, so it’s perfect for lining eyes, but the bristles are firm enough to perfectly apply brow powder too. You will get a crisp, clean line every time. Available at MAC Cosmetics Counters. Suggested Retail: $19.50.

4. A shadow brush. The S175 Eye Contour Brush from Cozzette is truly luxurious. In the pro-makeup world, these brushes are top of the line. This brush can be used to apply shadow to the lid, to the crease, blend, highlight, and even set your foundation with powder in areas like under eye and around your nose. Tip: when applying eye makeup with one brush, start with the lightest color and end with the darkest, there will be less color transfer. Available at Cozzette. Suggested Retail: $16.


If you have just these 4 brushes, you can easily apply your daily makeup with perfection! These are the essentials- the ‘must-haves’- and once you get the hang of using these four brushes, I guarantee you will want more. Try them, have fun with it! Enjoy!




Inside the Loft With Celebrity Makeup Artist Riku Campo


Riku Campo is known for his belief that beautiful makeup stems from healthy skin, and helps his clients develop a proper skincare regimen. Riku’s celebrity clientele include Anne Hathaway, Cindy Crawford, Felicity Huffman, Meg Ryan, Shannen Doherty, Rebecca De Mornay and Pablo De Cote. Riku recently released his first beauty book, Best in Beauty: An Ultimate Guide to Makeup and Skincare Techniques, Tools and Products. Get behind the scenes with this beauty and makeup expert to ask him for his insights on high-tech beauty gadgets, getting the right foundation shade, long-lasting makeup, and more.

You recently released a book called
Best in Beauty: An Ultimate Guide to Makeup and Skincare Techniques, Tools, and Products. What sets this book apart from other beauty books?

I wanted to create a beauty book that would give answers quickly for any questions that women ask themselves on an everyday basis. As a makeup artist in the beauty business for the last 22 years, I have had the fortune to work with many of the top hairstylists and manicurists and met some of the best dermatologists, so I decided to make a book Best in Beauty based on the interviews with some of the best “Behind the scenes” professionals. My book gives answers for skincare, hair, nails (manicures and pedicures), nutrition, makeup, and waxing. Because I am a makeup artist, there are lots of everyday and practical tips for women to ‘ease their everyday makeup-crimes’. I want to believe my book ‘best in beauty’ is a very modern version of an other beauty book out there.

A new trend in beauty is the use of high-tech gadgets such as oscillating face cleansers, at-home LED light systems, and airbrush makeup. What are your favorite high-tech gadgets?

I like the oscillating cleansers, especially the Clarisonic brush that comes with 2-3 different brush heads. I use it when my skin is wet with my everyday cleanser. I dry brush my own skin in the wintertime when the surface of my skin is dry. It really polishes it. I have never liked airbrush makeup. They always look quite thick, but they work very well on film and TV. But for everyday wear, it is quite complicated to use. As a makeup artist I really love to feel the tinted moisturizers or liquid foundations and use my fingers when I work with my client or a model.

What do you do for clients who are difficult to match with most foundation colors?

I use Makeup For Ever’s Face & Body Liquid foundation. It comes out with so many different shades that it is impossible not to match your skin tone. I absolutely love the foundations because they are so light and sheer.
I also blend a lot of different colors/tones together, especially medium skin-tones (Mediterrian skin tones are the most challenging because they tend to look ashy very easily ) and darker ones. They barely come out from one bottle. The secret for these difficult-to-match skin tones is to mix more golden-yellow colors with those foundations to prevent them from look ashy or red.

What steps should you take to make sure that your makeup look lasts all day?

There are many ways to keep your makeup to last almost the whole day:

• Exfoliate your skin in the morning and add your skintype mask. For oilier skintypes this is a must because it (clay masks) absorbs the oil from your skin. For drier skin use a cream-base hydrating mask.
• Add your skintype moisturizer. Let it absorb 5 minutes.
• On top of that, use a primer…it is many times a silicon –based makeup product (not a skincare product ). Primer, as we know works like a barrier between the skin and the makeup. So, the foundation stays much better and longer on your skin.
• Use a liquid foundation that works with your skintype.
• If needed, use a concealer and/or a light-reflecting pencil on top of the foundation.
• Loose powder is the secret to make sure the base won’t run off. Don’t over=powder your face; you can just tap the transparent loose powder with the help of a big powder brush.
• For eye makeup: just use 1 color on the eyelids if you want it to look fresh the whole day.
• Liquid, waterproof liner stays well.
• Keep the lips simple: lips stains are great because they stay long time but they will look quite dry. If your lips are dry already (especially in the winter) skip the stains. How about a tinted lip balm? They look really good and natural. But as any lip makeup you must re-apply it during the day to make sure the lips look fresh.

These tricks make sure the base will stay well. But you will need blotting papers and a pressed powder with you to correct the foundation during the day.

What products are you never caught without when you are working on a client?

My skincare kit: (Cleansing wipes from Neutrogena, Ole Henriksen toner,
Guerlain face creams for all skin types, 8 Hour cream from Elizabeth Arden, Kiehl’s Body cream , Guerlain’s eye-serum), MakeUp For Ever’s Liquid foundations, Guerlain loose powders, (they work so well with MakeUp For Eve foundations), all my 100 brushes, Shu Uemura lash curler, Tweezerman tweezers, Dior and Chanel eyeshadows, YSL lipsticks, Smashbox Cosmetics glosses, Make Up For Ever blushes, Maybelline mascaras (I love all of them: a good mascara doesn’t need to be expensive, it is all about the brush), Shu Uemura brow pencils, Laura Mercier waterproof cake-liner, and individual lashes.

Physicians Formula Makeup Challenge!


Physicians Formula, the problem-solution cosmetics brand known for its innovative products, announces a one-of-a-kind makeup challenge that makes YOU the makeup guru.  The contest features a grand prize of $5,000, a fabulous trip for two to Los Angeles and a one-on-one tutorial with celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip.

There are also two prizes awarded to random participants every week, including RayBan Sunglasses, Milly Earrings and more.

Today, video bloggers are showing the world “how to” create beautiful makeup looks – Physicians Formula challenges them to put their work to a vote for the potential to win big!  And, every v-blogger would be thrilled to learn from Physicians Formula celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip, who’s well known for the red carpet makeup magic she creates for such A-list clients as Christina Applegate, Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Ellen Pompeo, Laura Linney, Hilary Duff, and Colbie Callait.

So, if you adore makeup, consider yourself an application expert and love to vlog, then this contest is made for you!  Here are the contest details:

1. Go to www.MyPFBeauty.com and register for our exciting MAKEUP CHALLENGE.
Once you’ve registered, you can enter the contest by uploading your videos! Simply show us how you make your eyes POP, using your expert techniques and a minimum of 3 Physicians Formula products for your chance to win big.  *Please note only Physicians Formula products may be used in submitted videos. Videos should be 50mb or less, 400×240 or larger and in mov, wmv, flv, avi, mp4, or 3GPP formats.*
2. Enter as many videos as you like, but make sure you get the votes to make the top ten! And we’ve made it that easy – simply get friends, family and fans to head to the site to vote.  It’s simple to notify Facebook and Twitter communities as well!  We’ve even created a banner you can post to help you get the votes!

That’s it.  Your video will now be available for viewing and voting! For more detailed information about the Physicians Formula Makeup Challenge, as well as complete rules and regulations, log on to www.MyPFBeauty.com.  Hurry the Challenge ends on September 30th 2010!

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