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Mani Monday with LAQA & CO.



We have been long standing fans of LAQA & Co.’s nail products so when they sent me a shipment of new nail products, I was giddy!


I tried out a new nail design with their new products and the outcome was great! I love the gold ‘rim’ along the top of my nails with the dark base. To achieve this look, I used two LAQA & Co. colors: “Bells & Whistles” and from their All That Glitters line- “Chubs”.


I first did two coats of Chubs (a shimmer, liquid gold color) then once it was dry, I painted a half moon shape with Bells & Whistles (a deep, plum color). For this step, I followed the shape of my cuticle, but stayed about a half inch from it. Follow the same area with a second coat of Bells & Whistles.


I love this combination, but will definitely be wearing these gorgeous colors solo as well!




Mani Monday: UV Color Gel by Gelaxy


Having perfectly groomed nails is of great importance to me so, naturally, I gravitate toward the soak off color gel. There are many different brands, but the brand and color I have chosen this week is Nu-Believa Blue by Gelaxy.


Blue, you ask?

Yes, Blue!


It is the perfect shade of royal blue. In the light, it shimmers almost turquoise, but looks navy in the shadows. It’s funky, but when paired with a perfect manicure, totally doable. I am a little over the ‘nail art’ in funky patterns and embellishments, but I do still love a pop of unexpected color. Why not! It’s spring and it’s time to spruce things up around here!


Thank goodness I love this color because I am stuck with it for the next 2-3 weeks! I have stopped getting regular manicures and have been getting Color Soak Off Gel manicures because they just hold so well. I am the type of gal that takes off all my polish once I start chipping, so this really works for me.


What are you favorite colors for Gel Manicures?




Mani Monday: April Showers Bring May Flowers


“April showers bring May flowers.” Keep this age-old adage top-of-mind. As we’ll find out, hydrated and moisturized hands and nails equal healthy and happy hands and nails.


Nails need water, too!  Nails actively protect your fingertips and toes, and a brittle nail can complicate even the most mundane tasks.

  • Not only is more than half of body weight made of water, but every cell, tissue and organ in the body needs water to function properly.  Nails, too, need water.  Many nail problems are results of dehydration, including dullness, roughness, weakness, softness, splitting and peeling.
  • Some health conditions are attributed to dry and brittle nails, but washing dishes, washing a car and using harsh chemicals can all result in dehydrated, therefore brittle, nails.


Simple steps can be added to your beauty routine to prevent nail, hand and foot dehydration.  In addition to powering your plate with hydrating super-foods, proper moisturizing will prevent nails, hands and feet from drying out.


Did you know?  These fantastic foods contain loads of water, perfect for skin and nail nutrition and hydration.

  • Carrots – A great source for vitamin H or biotin, carrots are also high in vitamin C and potassium.  Carrots are a nail and skin super-food.
  • Cucumbers – Contain an enormous amount of vitamins, specifically vitamin C, which is great for nails.
  • Eggplants – High in vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, eggplants are considered an optimum health food.
  • Peaches – Contain loads of potassium and sodium that work together to maintain fluid levels in the body.
  • Strawberries – A great source of potassium and vitamin C, strawberries act as an iron enhancer, a nutrient essential for nail health.


Now that you’re familiar with a handful of powerful produce, find out how simple steps make all the difference in your skin and nail care.


Keep your digits and toes in tip top shape!  Use these tips and tricks for healthy, hydrated nails.

  • Similar to applying moisturizer immediately after showering, soak nails in warm water prior to applying moisturizer.  This allows nails to lock in the moisturizer, the same way skin does.
  • Do not wait until nails are dry and brittle or the winter season to start moisturizing nails.  As with skin, moisturizing nails should be a part of every beauty routine.
  • Hands and feet are often without sunscreen; pick a moisturizer with an SPF 15 for daily wear.  This will keep hands, feet and nails happy, healthy and burn-free.
  • Wear gloves while cleaning and washing dishes.  This will maintain moisture in hands and nails while not exposing either to the harsh, drying chemicals.
  • Purchase moisturizers containing collagen and keratin to strengthen cells in the nail plate.  In addition, these proteins will make the nail more resistant to splitting and cracking.


Don’t suffer this spring and summer!  Nail, hand and foot care can tell a lot about an individual’s attention to details.  Add nail, hand and foot moisturizing and hydration to your regular beauty routine.  Soon you’ll be glowing, literally, from head to toe.


Photo and article courtesy of Cutex

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