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Evening Glam Using TEMPTU Airbrush Signature Starter Kit!


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So if you have ever been curious about how celebrities still manage to look flawless on HDTV, airbrush makeup is your answer. What is airbrush makeup? It’s basically makeup that is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush gun. When done correctly, it creates a flawless canvas and makeup that lasts all day.

So obviously I was excited to try the TEMPTU Signature Starter Kit for their #TEMPTUDaynNight campaign!  TEMPTU  has been making faces flawless with airbrush since the 80s!  I’ve had the kit for a few weeks now and absolutely love it.


You get bang for your buck with the Starter Kit. In the Starter Kit, you get:

  • AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0
  • Your choice of of AIRpod™ Foundation, Blush, and Highlighter. I picked out the following colors:
    • AIRpod foundation in Honey 008 (perfect match!)
    • AIRpod blush in Washed Rose
    • AIRpod highlighter in Champagne
  • A convenient travel bag
  • 3 pod stand

Since it’s still wedding season, it was the perfect time to test out an evening glam look using the TEMPTU Signature Starter Kit. I need my makeup to last from ceremony to cake!

Assembling the system is easy.  With a shake and a click of the AIRpod foundation, blush or highlighter into the AIRbrush, you’re ready to go!

For this night time look, I’m wearing a dress with in a bright fuchsia color  so I wanted natural, yet dramatic look. I did my eyes first, using a pretty shimmery peach in the inner corner of they eye and 3 different shades of brown, with the deepest being in outer eye. False eyelashes, of course, finished off this soft glam look.



TEMPTU, airbrush makeup, Honey 008, Washed Rose

Foundation application with TEMPTU is simple, and with a few tries, I had it down pat. You want to hold your AIRbrush like you are holding a pencil, about 6 inches away while pressing on the lever about half way. To make sure you have even coverage, work the AIRbrush in small circular motions.  You can’t even tell its going on except for air coming out of the AIRbrush. I like to apply a light application and then go over the areas I think need a little more help. Before moving on to the next step. I stop and let my foundation set for a minute.

I picked Honey 008 foundation from TEMPTU’s webpage and it matched perfectly (I’m usually always a “honey” or “golden”!). If you have any hesitation about what shade you are, their customer service can help you pick the perfect shade.

TEMPTU, airbrush makeup, blush, washed rose

Applying blush is the same as applying the foundation, just concentrated in a smaller area. I found it helpful to press the lever a little more than half way for more product. I’m using Washed Rose, a pretty flush of pink.

TEMPTU, airbrush makeup, highlighter, Champagne

Lastly, I applied my highlighter, in Champagne for that luminous glow!

A beige lipgloss to finish the look and I’m ready the night! The below photo is completely un-edited or re-touched.

TEMPTU, airbrush, #TEMPTUDaynNight

A closer look at the eye makeup:

TEMPTU, Airbrush makeup, Signature Starter Kit


Ok, so here are some helpful FAQs:

  • Does the makeup spray all over the place?

Nope. The folks over at TEMPTU nailed it the the AIRbrush. The makeup went directly on my face. Not a drop anywhere else.

  • Does it looked caked on?

NO! If you follow TEMPTU’s easy directions on how to apply  the makeup, your skin looks like skin. Just flawless. It doesn’t settle in pores or fine lines either!

  • Does it last all day?

Yes! 8 hours in my makeup still looked great.

  • Is any cleaning needed after?

No! No cleaning is necessary.


In short, this is a great investment for anyone that ever has a special event or even if they want flawless day-to-day makeup! If you like this look, vote for me or your favorite #TEMPTUDaynNight look here

Video Tutorial: Look Stunning Using Only The Make Up For Ever Flash Palette


If you knew there was one product you could use to make up your entire face, you would want to know all about it right? Well, Make Up For Ever has that one product in the form of their Flash Palette.

This palette is expensive (at $99), but it literally has every color you would ever need to use.


Purple eyes? Got it!

Fuchsia lips? Got it!

Black liner? Got it!

Silver liner with blue mascara? Got that too!


With this one palette you can create any look you want. I do not know one makeup artist that does not have this in their kit because it is so versatile.


In this tutorial I show you how to create an entire look using only the Flash Palette, and some skin products.

I used 3 (skin) color products aside from the palette:

  • Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation (available at Target.com for $9.99).
  • MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural (available at MACcosmetics.com for $29).
  • Temptu S/B Concealer Wheel (available at TemptuPro.com for $26).


I also used all Sigma Beauty Brushes aside from one Kryolan Art 3503 Professional Brush. All Sigma Beauty Brushes can be purchased at SigmaBeauty.com. The Make Up For Ever Flash Palette can be purchased at Sephora.com for $99.




Jersey Couture Comes to the Big City to Promote Season 2 Premiere and Give Exclusive Beauty Tips!!


If you haven’t tuned into the Reality TV series Jersey Couture yet, now is your chance with the Season 2 premiere starting tonight! You don’t want to miss the adorable sisters Kim and Chrissy Scali and their unforgettable antics with their mom Diane in their Jersey dress shop, Diane & Co. From the makers of Say Yes to the Dress (another of my #1 TV favs) the show airs every Tuesday night on Oxygen, live out loud! And this cast definitely does, Live Out Loud, as I got the opportunity to meet the spunky girls and their hottie patottie mom at their Pop Up Beauty Bar event in Manhattan this evening. In fact the whole Scali clan was in attendance including brother, Anthony and Dad, Sal all dressed to the nines as if entering a black tie affair. Or I should say a black, sequin, leopard, fishnet affair as the girls looked absolutely gorgeous in their stunning eye catching looks. But it wouldn’t be a Jersey event if there wasn’t a ton of sparkle and a little leopard! I was able to steal the girls and Mom away to get their exclusive beauty secrets and tips along with whats to come on the new Season and A Beauty Loft will be the first to know!

Event Details: The beauty event sponsored by Oxygen took full force to promote the new season of Jersey Couture in the big city. Taking place in a chic boutique setting in lower Manhattan’s SOHO, Jersey Couture signage lit up the block with pink and green as spirited girls doning Oxygen apparel drew you in off the street. It was a weekend long event open to the public each night as they offerred complimentary beauty services featuring Nails By Minx, Hair by Rickys NYC, and makeup by Temptu. Upon entering the space you’d think you walked on set as the ceiling shined with professional lighting and a decor fit for any beauty queen. Immediately you’d notice the larger than life sculpture of a couture gown made completely of flowers towering over all the fans and as you walk along you’ll see more colorful dresses like the ones you’d find at Diane &  Co lining your path. The room would make any girl excited with pink quilted walls, leopard chairs, and fabulous beauty experts ready to service all your beauty needs! Each station within the event (COMPLIMENTARY!) including:

Nail Bar, featuring gold/pink leopard and fishnet design stick on nail styles by Minx presented by the ladies from Nail Taxi, who did a great job accommodating everyones desire for that Jersey nail! And who doesn’t love a no chip nail that requires zero dry time? I know I do, then it was off to..

Airbrush Makeovers by Temptu. I am now in love with airbrush makeup! I had my first experience tonight with airbrushing and I don’t think I can every go back to regular old foundation ever again. The amazing Cory Bishop, Celebrity Makeup Artist, guided me through the world of airbrush makeup as it went on like a cool breeze, feeling light as a feather and looking 100% natural! He compared it to real life photo shop as he was able to easily erase any facial imperfections leaving my skin looking flawless. **What’s Cory’s exclusive insider tip? He advises makeup lovers not to shy away from picking a foundation color that’s a tad lighter than your natural skin tone. He says too many people go darker having to blend the whole face, using more makeup, and sporting that dark face pale neck look. Instead, Cory showed me how a lighter shade will actually brighten the face and you can easily add bronzer and/or blush for the extra color you want. I tested out all Temptu had to offer with their Foundation, Blush, Bronzer and Eye Highlighter and I couldn’t be more impressed with the product. I will definitely be making the investment at Temptu.com and ditching my makeup brushes for airbrush makeup! *(not to mention all the dangerous breakout causing germs ill be tossing out along with those brushes)* Next up,..

Bedazzle Bar, where Jersey Couture and Oxygen gave out exclusive tanks and tees reinventing the classic I Love NY logo replacing it with I Love NJ but instead of a heart there was a jazzed up leopard couture gown. At this station you could bedazzle your shirt with rhinestones in all the colors of the rainbow.

Eyes and Lips, were taken to new heights (literally) by the experts as they added eyelash extensions, shadow, and gloss to complete your Jersey makeup look.

Extensions provided by Ricky’s NYC had patrons walking on the wild side by adding a feather extension to their locks in Zebra prints and wild shades of pink, purple and red.

And to capture the night you could step into the Glam Shots Photo Booth, and pose with Jersey Couture themed accessories. Little did I know in a few moments I’d be posing in that same booth, with the stars of Jersey Couture Kim and Chrissy :).

The event was already a success until the arrival of the show’s stars put the excitement over the edge. The party really started when Diane Scali walked through the front door, followed by daughters Kim and Chrissy! They all looked fabulous, especially mom Diane sporting a black cinched belt, a sheer back, boots and fishnets.. Not your typical mom jean, and boy did she rock the hot look! The Scali sisters looked red carpet ready with Chrissy in her black sequined blazer and new red highlights brightening her hair and Kim in a long sheer sexy leopard blouse and faux fur vest. The 3 had hair and makeup done to perfection that I had to ask them how they get their flawless looks!

Beauty Advice from Jersey Couture:

Chrissy swears by black liquid eyeliner! That is her go-to #1 beauty product, she will never leave the house without it partnered with a little mascara and gloss. Did you know both sisters do their own hair and makeup for every show? These are two talented girls as they always look flawless. Chrissy was sporting a new hair color, RED! As quoted on Twitter, Chrissy says she changed up her hair color going from black to red as a way to reinvent herself after her recent weightloss. She looked amazing tonight, but that’s nothing new! I had to ask Chrissy how to get those shiny touch-me locks. She advises washing less and using dry shampoo! Chrissy’s secret tip for Brunettes using dry shampoo is to add a touch of Cocoa powder to the dry shampoo so it blends better with darker hair. She said, “I don’t want people saying whats that in her hair”when using the white dry shampoo powder, but now that she’s opted for red highlights Chrissy joked “maybe I should add Kool Aid!”

Kim’s beauty/fashion advice is that “Confidence is key.” She says that no matter what you wear if its the top name brand or cheaper Forever 21 you can rock it out with Confidence. It can really make or break you. That must be why the two of them scolded me for wanting to crouch down in my photo with them, Kim cried out “Never slouch in photos, be proud of your height!” Kim also says splurge on a great primer, its worth it!

Diane gave an inside look into Season 2 when I asked her to demonstrate the show’s famous “Booty Pop.” Diane says this season you’ll see a new one used on Pageant girls to work on their strut, “Walk and Shake that Butt!” She was hilarious and a lot of fun excuding a genuine warmth. The girls were just as gracious meeting with each and every fan, posing for all photos, and hyping up the crowd. They are truly a wonderful bunch, beautiful on the outside but shining hearts on the inside.

Keep up with the lovely ladies of Jersey Couture every Tuesday night on Oxygen and stay tuned for more exciting events and beauty news to come, right here at A Beauty Loft!!

<3 Stephanie

Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Look: TEMPTU AIRbrush


Carrie Underwood wears TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup for her Flawless, Fairy Tale Wedding

Carrie Underwood got picture perfect at her wedding this summer with TEMPTU. Melissa Schleicher, Carrie Underwood’s personal makeup artist, used the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System and AIR pod Foundation on her to create a stunning, beautiful beauty look for her wedding day.

“TEMPTU airbrush makeup helped Carrie survive the 100 degree Atlanta heat and humidity during her wedding, her makeup was flawless from beginning to end. I love TEMPTU airbrush makeup because not only does it look beautiful in person but also in pictures, and no need for touch-ups on the photos,” said Melissa Schleicher, makeup artist.

The Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System is an easy-to-use, at-home airbrush makeup system that utilizes a disposable pod system.  For the first time, consumers can achieve professional quality, airbrush makeup results at home or anywhere. The Temptu makeup AIR pod delivers pro results with total ease – just pop it on and pop it off.  The airbrush makeup formulas are encapsulated in pre-arranged makeup pods that contain foundation, blush and highlight colors individually.  Each Temptu AIR Pod contains 1 – 2 months of makeup, is self-sealing, and enables the user to achieve the equivalent of 4 brushes in one for applications ranging from foundation to blush and beyond.

TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System, $225 / TEMPTU AIR pod Foundation, $55
AVAILABLE: Sephora and sephora.com

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