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L<3VE is in the Air!


February 14th is just around the corner and what’s the best way to celebrate? Showing the number one person in your life some love….YOU! VDay isn’t just about showing those around you a little extra attention it’s also about showing love to yourself with a little extra pampering. So give yourself some X’s and O’s in the spirit of St. Valentine, because you deserve it this year!

Show yourself some love by….

1) Taking in some Relaxation. Book a rejuvenating facial or massage. I recommend trying an Oxygen Facial, the kind all the celebs swear by. Or even just relaxing into a 15 minute massage at your local nail salon can do wonders.

2) Try out the latest trends by getting your makeup done by a professional. Visit M.A.C. counters for a beauty makeover that will make you feel great and score you some new products.

3) Isn’t there something you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t found the right person to go with? Well now you have, YOU! Take yourself to that movie your friends keep passing on, or to a museum you’ve been dying to discover, take a class, try some new takeout, a concert, anything that makes you happy is a success.

4) Splurge! Buy yourself that top you’ve been eyeing, a new piece of jewelry, a triple fudge sundae, flowers or if you can all of the above!

5) Take some time to remind yourself of all the reasons that make you great! We are often so quick to be negative on ourselves for what we don’t have or haven’t accomplished, but it’s much harder to pat ourselves on the back for the little things we do each day. This year, vow to make time (even just one minute) to say to yourself, “I’m great because..”, I bet you’ll have a list longer than you thought.


<3 Stephanie

Get Kissable Lips in a Snap!


Plan on doing some kissing this Vday? Well before you do, make sure to pucker up with C.O. Bigelow’s Mentha Lip Shine/Breath Freshener No. 502. It’s a refreshing mint infused lip balm that will not only soften and glossify your lips but also freshens your breath! In a snap you’re killing 2 birds with one stone, so you can focus on that great kiss ;) !

The balm contains peppermint oil providing minty freshness as it offers a cooling sensation on your lips. This gloss is never sticky, lasts, and is great for the Winter time when your puckers need an extra quench. Pair it atop your favorite lip color for an extra sheen or it looks great on bare lips adding a smooth shine. Either way you’ll be kissably ready for your Valentine!

You can find C.O. Bigelow products on their website or at your local Bath & Body Works shop. Or if you happen to be in the New York City area stop over for a stay at the Andaz Wall Street Hotel, they offer C.O. Bigelow products complimentary to all of their hotel guests including this best selling gloss!

<3 Stephanie

Top 10 Reasons Why Red Lips are Sexy


Red Lips have always sparked an extra sense of sex appeal in a woman and can certainly spice up your Valentine’s Day look this year. Recently red lips have been making Red Carpet appearances worn by actresses Claire Danes and Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Golden Globes.

Not convinced that Red Lips are the utmost in sexy? Read on to hear the top ten reasons we think red lips are so great…

Top 10 reasons why Red lips are so SEXY:

Draws attention to your mouth. Red lipstick instantly makes your mouth the focus point for your face. So while your laughing, smiling or even droning on about your latest woe all anyone can do is be dazzled by the beauty of that vibrant ‘look at me’ smile. Red lips make flirting easy, so quiet down and let the red lips work their magic because all he can think of is how great it would be to lay one on those juicy red puckers.

2  Reminds us of a fabulous decade. This look has been around for decades and doesn’t seem to be losing its charm anytime soon. Red lips instantly take us back on a journey to a decade where all women of luxury and glamour swore by the shade. The vintage look is reminiscent of old Hollywood Glamour worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. You can also find it popular with the classic Pin Up girls and featured amongst sexy Burlesque performers throughout the years like Dita Von Teese.

Whitens your smile! According to Oprah, blue-based red lipsticks will make teeth appear whiter. The shade can instantly brighten your teeth without any extra steps. Much cheaper than a professional teeth whitening and whats sexier than a smile?

It’s a universal shade. Red lipstick looks fabulous on women of all ages and complexions. It comes in a number of shades as it contains different undertones to match your skin tone. You can find your best shade based on your natural skin tone. Typically for those with pale skin, try out a more pinker red and for those with an olive tone try a ruby shade. For darker complexions deep purple reds are the most flattering. Red lipstick can brighten any face with the right shade as it looks great on all women. It’s the one classic makeup staple that makes all women look hot. Its been compared to the little black dress of makeup!

Exudes Confidence. Red lips are dramatic and bold. Some say, it takes guts and spunk to pull off this look because it makes such a brave statement. Who knew the shade held so much power? But with one simple beauty product you are immediately seen as a daring, confident woman who isn’t afraid to be noticed. Red lips add drama instantly to any outfit as the color red revs up your sex appeal without even realizing it. You could be wearing a simple t-shirt but add red lipstick and you’ve upped your chic factor instantly. So even if you aren’t feeling the most confident or sexy that day, fake it with a little red!

6 Celebrities love  it. Red lips look festive and elegant and can be seen worn by the sexiest of celebrities. Often seen on Glam icon Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, and music legend Madonna. And at the recent Golden Globes, if Angelina Jolie can be found rocking it on the Red Carpet then it must be sexy. Enough said.

It’s a natural attractor. It’s pure science that men are naturally drawn to a woman’s lips more than any other facial feature especially if she’s wearing red lipstick. I’ve heard that within 10 seconds of encountering a female a man will spend most of his time gazing at her mouth. If she’s applied a bold shade of lipstick like red he will find it difficult to look away. Lips naturally become red to represent a natural flush of arousal very similar to blushing. When turned on the blood rushes closer to the skin and makes lips appear fuller and plumper. So unintentionally your sending out sexy vibes similar to pheromones. Lips play a key role in sexual attraction as they represent one of those most sensual aspects about a woman. For centuries, women have painted their lips with whatever they could find in nature, to enhance their appeal. Red lipstick have proven to be the most powerful attractor.

8 Become a Character. For some women, red lipstick may be stepping outside of the box. It can be seen as a costume for some that aren’t used to such popping shades. However, this can be a great thing! A red lip may unleash in you a sexy diva you didn’t know you had. Red lips can be devilish worn by many of the classic vampiress figures, and as the vampire trend heightens in 2012 with True Blood, Twilight, and Vampire Diaries…who wouldn’t want to emulate those sexy creatures? So become a fierce vixen just like you see on the stage and screen with your pouty red lip.

Sexy in a flash. Because red lips are so bold you have the luxury of keeping the rest of your makeup clean and simple. With a little mascara or liner your ready to hit the streets. And remember this look works for both day and night so with less time spent getting ready there’s more time to strut your sexy self to the world!

10 Leaves behind your mark. Red lips make it easy to mark your territory with a smack. So leave your prints all over your man or at the end of a flirty note. What a tease a red lipped kiss can be and as your signature stamp you’ll keep them guessing. Nothing is sexier than leaving ‘em wanting more.

*My favorite Red lip color is Lola brand’s lipstick in ‘Sweet Love.’

<3 Stephanie

Kat Von D’s True Romance


Instead of playing it safe this Valentine’s holiday why not go for a wild look.

Play around with Kat Von D’s latest palette “True Romance” to create your sexy look. This bold palette is filled with eight bright eye shadow shades and includes a mini eyeliner in electric blue. Each rich creamy color is long lasting and waterproof and made for travel in its sleek metal case.

Fun Fact: This set has been inspired by Kat Von D’s favorite back tattoo, “Mi Vida Loca.”

For a striking Vday look mix the hot pink shade, Sparklehorse, with the shimmery gold, No Regrets, for a stunning eye-catching combo. Pick up this case at Sephora.com.



<3 Stephanie

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