The Coconut Trend: Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Beauty Pads


Seems like  everywhere you  turn there’s coconut water or coconut milk or coconut oil.  I happen to love the smell of coconut and since its become such a trend  there is pretty much coconut somewhere in my daily routine or diet.

joey 528x259 The Coconut Trend: Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Beauty Pads

I decided to try the Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Beauty Pads and fell in love!  Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Coconut Water Beauty Pads is a serum, light peel, and glow nighttime treatment all in one. Like most of the Joey New York products it is infused with Young Green Coconut Water. If that all doesn’t sound amazing – it gets better, this product, instantly makes your skin feel and look younger overnight and will give you that tropical glow even though we have hit the Fall months.

This exotic blend of coconut water from the Polynesian tropics combined with carefully extracted natural fruit acids will instantly minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, large pores, and dull, uneven skin tone as essential vitamins and minerals with activate cell regeneration while you sleep.

This treatment is best absorbed and delivered to the lower layers of the skin when the body is at rest. { Retails $32.00 for 30 pads}

Check out Joey New York for more info and additional products.

Also sold at:

logo spalook The Coconut Trend: Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Beauty Pads   logo dermstore The Coconut Trend: Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Beauty Padslogo beauty The Coconut Trend: Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Beauty Pads logo skinstore The Coconut Trend: Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Beauty Pads

signatureorange The Coconut Trend: Joey New York Quick Results Polynesian Beauty Pads

Author: Danielle Minnella

Who would have thought Aquaphor and Sugar!!??


Dull flaky skin that needs a quick remedy…. read on!!

aquaphor 396x528 Who would have thought Aquaphor and Sugar!!??

A client sits in my makeup chair for her on camera appearance and the first thing I see is dry flaky spots all over her skin.

I didn’t have a facial scrub with me so I had to think quick I couldn’t apply makeup just yet. We all know the makeup only looks as good as the skin. I always carry some aquaphor with me and I happen to see a packet of sugar lying around. So I quickly did  a mix of both sugar and aquaphor now what do I have ?? A scrub.!

I gently applied it to the areas that needed it with a q- tip  then with my finger  in a circular motion I started peeling the dead skin off.

I was amazed at how great her skin looked .. However if your gong to try this please make sure you thoroughly wash off the aquaphor and sugar before the makeup application.

icon smile Who would have thought Aquaphor and Sugar!!??


signatureorange Who would have thought Aquaphor and Sugar!!??

Author: Danielle Minnella

Red Queen Makeup




I love this time of year when fall is upon us. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and being a makeup artist I am well versed in creating looks. Makeup is not only for everyday use but its also to create characters we want to portray. Here is a quick look at how I created the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.

editqueen 353x528 Red Queen Makeup

 1. Start with a clean dry moisturizers or oils of any kind .

2. Block out the eyebrows with clear non toxic school glue stick. ( there are many “how to” videos on this) Then set it with a white powder.

3. Paint face with a white cream based makeup. I like to start with a makeup brush and thinly paint it on then I go back in with a sponge and layer it on thicker so the makeup is opaque. don’t forget the lips and into the neckline.. I used Makeup forever Flash palette  {$99}

Let me just say that Yes this is an expensive palette for just a Halloween look, however I happen to have this is my kit since It can be used in a multitude of ways not just for Halloween. There are many cheap makeups you can use.. Check your local Halloween store.flash Red Queen Makeup

4. Powder face with a super white powder so makeup stays on all day. I used Ben Nye Super White

5. Take  the  aqua blue color ( I used 3rd color in from the top) and draw it onto eyelid draw a line from each corner of your eye and go up , take it above the natural brow that you just blocked out, rounded at the top.  You can use a paint brush or makeup brush of your choice ( as long as its for cream makeup).


6. Line top and bottom with black pencil, add mascara.


7. Draw in a thin brow at the very top of your aqua blue.


8. Add in a fake beauty mark on left cheek ( you can use liquid liner)


9. Fill in Red Queen lips in the shape of a heart.


10. Purchase the Red queen wig.. I got mine from Costume Super ( $21.99) ( Actually this should be number 1 because you need the wig before you start the makeup.. icon wink Red Queen Makeup

enjoy!signatureorange Red Queen Makeup


*Photo and makeup by Danielle Minnella


halloween Red Queen Makeup



Author: Danielle Minnella

Lavanila Offers the Perfect Holiday Fragrance- The Perfect Vanilla


image002 Lavanila Offers the Perfect Holiday Fragrance  The Perfect Vanilla

I am a sucker for a great perfume, but I have a very hard time finding ones I like. I have my loyal two that I refer to (they shall not be named here!), but I now have a 3rd that is my new ‘fave’- Lavanila’s The Healthy Fragrance ($58): The Perfect Vanilla. This intoxicating blend of Madagascar vanilla, soft freesia and rich heliotrope is created by natural perfumers who use only the finest pure essential oils.


For me, vanilla smells like home. That warm, inviting, yummy smell of cookies and sweets. Yes, it sounds like a storybook, but isn’t that fantastic? I have been wearing The Perfect Vanilla for 5 days now and everyday I hear something along the lines of “what smells like cookies?” or “what smells so sweet”, I answer “it’s me! It’s Lavanila.”

The fragrance is so concentrated that I only use one squirt a day and it still catches people’s attention. I am absolutely hooked on this perfume and cannot wait to wear it around the holiday parties. Also, side note- I have found that it satiates my cravings for ‘something sweet’, so I find I’m not eating them as much! Bonus:)


You can purchase Lavanila’s The Healthy Fragrance ($58): The Perfect Vanilla at


FYI- WE’RE BAAAACK! After some time off to be with our babies and to work, we are back and have some material for you! Stay tuned!


signature1 Lavanila Offers the Perfect Holiday Fragrance  The Perfect Vanilla

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