5 Drugstore Summer Must Have Beauty Products (and under $15!)


Drugstore Must Haves 5 Drugstore Summer Must Have Beauty Products (and under $15!)


Almost 14 months after Rocco’s arrival, I had my first overnight trip without him! My husband and I took a trip down to Atlantic City where we sampled wine and food at the annual AC Food and Wine Festival, had dinner at Martorano’s where we stuffed our faces with great food and after dinner cocktails, and then slept in past 6 (!) am in the Chelsea Hotel.  We had a great time and it was long over due.

The pressure to up the sexiness was on for this monumental trip, so I relied on some of my favorite beauty products. Here are 5 of my must have products that are low on price and found easily in drugstores:

  1. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs: This has to be one of the most underrated beauty products I’ve come across. I have a few shaving scars on my legs that I wanted to diminish and this is the product did the trick. Think of it as leg makeup—it comes in 4 shades and it’s your best friend if you even out your skin or get rid of pale winter legs in a pinch.
  2. Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick: A great way to easily add a pop of color on the go that doesn’t melt off in the heat
  3. Jergens Shea Beauty Oil: Forget the baby oil. This gives skin an amazing glow without the greasiness of other products.
  4. Vaseline Lip Therapy, Rosy Lips: For the low maintenance look of summer, this makes your lips super soft with a natural rosy hue.
  5. Burt’s Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub: Exfoliation is the most important step in glowing and soft skin. I love this Burt’s Bees scrub…it leaves skin baby soft and smoot—and it smells great.


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My Latest Hair Obsession: The Beautiful Curls Hair Care Line



Beautiful Curls Review My Latest Hair Obsession: The Beautiful Curls Hair Care Line

I’ve grown to really appreciate (dare I say love???) my curls now,but my curl routine could still use some help. My previous routine consisted of  wash, condition, and add mousse—which initially does produce shiny bouncy curls. Only problem is that by the end of the day, my hair looked dry and curls fell flat.

So after what seemed like a whole afternoon of youtube browsing, I came across the channel of  SunKissAlba…a gorgeous girl with gorgeous hair and a fun personality. After viewing about 2 years worth of videos in a couple of hours, I was pumped to try her way of doing curls—add moisture, then moisture, and more moisture.

With my new curl information fresh in my mind, I headed off to Whole Foods, straight to the beauty section. After standing in front of the hair care aisle for a good 45 min…looking at all the products, comparing the products, picking up 5-putting back 2 (my normal beauty product shopping routine) I settled on 2 products.  I decided on the Beautiful Curls line–it was fair trade, all natural, and contained Shea Butter (which I heard worked wonders on curly hair). I purchased the Curl Activating Leave In Conditioner and the Curl Activating Creme and tried them out that night.

Can we say best curls ever??? And without the use of gel, hairspray, or mousse. They were soft, defined and shiny—the holy grail of curl must haves. Compliments poured in the next day at work. Sold.

Here’s what I did:

  • Applied the Curl Activating Leave In Conditioner in the shower
  • After combing through the product once I got out the shower, I applied the Curl Activating Creme (I applied both rather generously)
  • Towel dried hair with an old t-shirt (helps prevent frizz) and air dried the rest
  • Once completely dry, I put my hair in a high bun to sleep
  • Take down in the morning and you’re good to go!

Beautiful Curls My Latest Hair Obsession: The Beautiful Curls Hair Care Line


IMG 3572 My Latest Hair Obsession: The Beautiful Curls Hair Care Line

Easy breezy. Style lasts for at least 3 days…any stragglers are touched up with a curling iron. I would definitely recommend this for thicker hair types—fine hair may find the products too heavy.

Any other recommendations??


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Summer Beauty 101: DIY Waxing!


IMG 3497 Summer Beauty 101: DIY Waxing!

Summer time is officially in full swing! Staying true to the spirit of the season, my hair’s gotten lighter and my skirts and shorts shorter. Last summer came and went so fast with a new born baby that just managing to get a shower was the closest thing to “sexy”. So naturally, I have a lot of making up to do!

I’ve got happy hours al fresco, food and wine festivals, and most importantly a week down the shore coming up in the next couple of months.  Throw in impromptu trips to the pool, and I need to be hair free and smooth on the fly.

IMG 3508 Summer Beauty 101: DIY Waxing!


That’s why I find it easier to wax in the summer. And I’m big on DIY waxing and have done it myself for years. If waxing on your own makes you nervous, I’m a fan of Veet Ready-To-Use Wax Strips and love how easy they are. There’s no heating involved or messy wax to ruin your carpet. Just rub a strip between your hands for a few seconds to warm the wax and peel apart. Use them anywhere—like arms, legs, and bikini area. That’s it —just once a month and you’re ready for the pool party this weekend and ahead of the game for drinks on Wednesday (Center City Sips anyone??) in your LBD.

Has anyone else tried waxing at home?

Veet AuthorLogo Summer Beauty 101: DIY Waxing!


Veet® helps you feel smooth all summer long. There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom that summer brings. https://www.facebook.com/veet


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FA1291616E2C1EFFDFE71FFF82805E89 Summer Beauty 101: DIY Waxing!

Color Block Your Clothes, Not Your Face: 4 Tips For Finding the Perfect Foundation Shade


PicMonkey Collage Color Block Your Clothes, Not Your Face: 4 Tips For Finding the Perfect Foundation Shade

This was a post I did originally in 2012 for the Allure Beauty Blogger of the Year award, but it’s timeless information that I thought I’d share here! 

We’ve probably all been there. You think your foundation is the perfect match until you see yourself in a photograph and the different color face and neck combo jumps out at you like a ghost (pun intended).

Fret not. Faster than you can untag yourself in that photo, you can learn how to find the perfect foundation.

  • Know your skin’s undertones- Knowing is half the battle. Your undertone is the base color of your skin. Whether it’s warmer tones in yellow and olive or cooler colors in reds and pinks,  knowing your skin’s undertones is the first step in picking the right foundation. Tip:  Do you look better in gold or silver jewelry? Chances are if you look better in gold jewelry you’re warmer and if you look better in silver, you’re cooler.
  • Pick a few shades to start with- find 3 or 4 different shades that you think may match your complexion.
  • Color swatch- testing on your jaw, swatch (a test swipe of color) all shades next to each other.
  • View in different lights- this is an important step most people forget. While a foundation might look perfect in fluorescent department store lightings, outside is a different story. Go outside and look in a mirror at your swatches. The color that blends seamlessly in your skin is the winner!

Blend, blend, and blend some more- Even the perfect foundation shade can look mask if it’s not blended in properly. Using your fingers, sponge or brush, blend your foundation into your hairline and into your neck. There should be no visible signs of the foundation stopping or starting. My favorite blending tool? The Beauty Blender!

FA1291616E2C1EFFDFE71FFF82805E89 Color Block Your Clothes, Not Your Face: 4 Tips For Finding the Perfect Foundation Shade

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