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I have recently discovered a skincare routine that works for me and has cleared up my skin! I swear to you, everyday I wake up to see that my skin is clearer then the day before, I hear angels signing! Because I have finally found clear skin again, I have been excited to spice up my makeup routine with some fun colors. I will also tell you about a tried-and-true nail product that I cannot live without.


1) Kate Somerville Anti Bac Clearing Lotion. This lotion has 3% Benzoyl Peroxide as the active ingredient. I have tried Benzoyl Peroxide before and had no success, my skin was just dried out. This is not only a lotion to moisturize, but the concentration of BP seems to be perfect for my combination skin. Daily, I see a significant improvement of my skin and less acne. I apply this 2-3 times per day on clean skin. You can find it at for $39.

2) Origins GinZing Eye Cream. I am very skeptical of eye creams because they all promise a miracle. I love the fact that Origins is natural and not outrageously expensive, so I went in looking for an eye cream that would simply provide me with a little extra moisture. A sales lady recommended the GinZing Eye Cream because is was 1- their best seller and 2- because it would moisturize, tighten, brighten and depuff. I was sold. After about a week, I noticed that my eyes looked younger (and more so everyday)! It was not dramatic, nor was it a miracle, but you know what- I will take it! I use  this as part of my routine twice a day. You can find it at for $30.

3) L’Oreal Colour Riche Acqua Lip in Tattoo Coral. I am all about bright orange and coral this season. I am a little backwards, considering it is winter, but when I wear all black I like to add a punch of color. I was on the hunt for a new ‘orange-ish’ color when I came upon this. The color looked perfect and I loved that I didn’t need to reapply all day because it was a stain. Let me tell you how over the moon I am with this lip color! I have been wearing it everyday to fashion week. One day I even missed my bus because I ran back into the house to grab my lip color when I realized it wasn’t in my purse! OB-sessed! It really does stay all day (well at least 5+hours) and the pigmentation is incredible. Not bad for under $10. You can find it at for $8.

4) Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Nail Color in White Away. I am all about gel color on my nails, but I only do it myself. I went to salons for a while, but found that they filed my nails down too much and ruined my nails. I now do them myself and it lasts for weeks with no chips and no damaged nails underneath. I usually wear dark purple or bright blue- something fun, but knowing I was working NY Fashion Week, I wanted something neutral- clean- that would stay. I ran up to my local Target and got this color, applied it that night and now, 8 days later, my nails still look great with not a single chip. Note: The color on the box is not what you get. I applied three coats of this color to eventually get something similar to Essie’s Ballet Slippers, but slightly less pink. I love it, but it is not what I saw on the box. You can find this nail gel at for $12.


Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for next week’s Products of the Week!

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My Favorite Valentines Day Look: Black Liner & Red Lip


Perfect Red Lip Kit Warm Red 528x528  My Favorite Valentines Day Look: Black Liner & Red Lipmally 528x528  My Favorite Valentines Day Look: Black Liner & Red Lip


Whether you’re a single lady, or in a committed relationship , let’s face it – we ALL want to look our best this Valentine’s Day. So, if  you’re spending it with your closest girlfriends or with your soul mate, think about this look:


Black Liquid Liner and Red Lips: A sultry eye and lip are the perfois combination for a night out with the girls or the man!. Start by applying the Mally Beauty Professional Ink Liner ($23.64) and creating a slight wing tip at the corners of your eyes. To find the right rouge lip to match, try Mally Beauty’s Red Lip Kit ( $35) that comes in three shades: Cool Red, Neutral Red and Warm Red.


All Mally Beauty products can be found on and


PS- I tried on The Red Lip in “cool”

me pp 396x528  My Favorite Valentines Day Look: Black Liner & Red Lip

63202926610D38245F66E1B8F2DBB3F8  My Favorite Valentines Day Look: Black Liner & Red Lip

Author: Danielle Minnella

A Super Easy and Cute Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes


Before and after 1 A Super Easy and Cute Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes

As my makeup brush collection started to grow, I needed a container to put them in where they were easily accessible and visible. Somehow, they ended up in a red Solo cup. Classy, right?

Since my makeup area is my little sanctuary where I can go and relax and feel good about myself, I decided to spruce the area up a bit. The first order of business was to get rid of the solo cup.

I found a rectangle glass vase yesterday at A.C. Moore that I thought was the perfect height and shape to hold makeup brushes, $4.99.

Vase e1360551879881 A Super Easy and Cute Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes


I also added clear frosted pebbles for–2 packs at $1.96 each

Matte Stones 528x352 A Super Easy and Cute Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes


A super easy and cheap way to display your makeup brushes beautifully. Next on the list: scented candles and white roses  icon smile A Super Easy and Cute Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes

Close up Finished Vase Shot edit A Super Easy and Cute Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes


FA1291616E2C1EFFDFE71FFF82805E89 A Super Easy and Cute Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes

Whats Your Nightly Moisturizing Routine?


nerium ad 3 bottles Whats Your Nightly  Moisturizing Routine?



I’m over 40 so I’m constantly  looking for products to give me that quick fix ( Ya know  shrink  large pores, diminish lines etc!) I stumbled across NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment. NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment is a night cream developed from the patent-pending extract of the Nerium oleander plant. Nerium International’s skincare ingredients are blended at optimum levels to nourish your skin and provide real results.  Third-party clinical trials show that NeriumAD dramatically reduces the appearance of:

-Fine Lines and Wrinkles
-Uneven Skin Texture
-Enlarged Pores
-Aging Skin
Nerium AD is non comedogenic, and free of  Parabens and gluten. Cruelty free as well.


How to Use:

1. Wash your face, use a mild cleanser ( alcohol and acid free)

2. Apply 4 pumps onto slightly damp skin ( face and neck)

3. Next morning you will rinse your face off

3. Use for at least a month to see your results

4. Take before and after photos to see the difference ( see my photo below)


What I found out about this product:

During advanced research on the uses of the Nerium oleander plant, an accidental  discovery was made: the unique properties of Nerium oleander provided remarkable   age-defying results when applied to the skin. This finding led to the creation of  the NeriumAD skincare line.   Nerium scientists developed a breakthrough process, NBio-PL2, to extract from the  Nerium oleander plant in a way that preserves its unique and beneficial properties.  This patent-pending extraction process yields the NAE-8 extract used to formulate  this first-of-its-kind age-defying product line.

My experience with Nerium AD:

I applied it onto my face nightly for 30 days ,( my boyfriend used it as well) It dries onto your face and feels tight), also has a unique scent (like a plant).  In the morning I jump into shower and wash it off, my face feels so soft and looks tighter and I notice the lines between my eyebrows  have softened up. I have to say this product really worked for us., Its worth a try!


See my difference ( sorry I am makeup free here)

picstitch1 528x528 Whats Your Nightly  Moisturizing Routine?







You can find out more about this product and or  purchase through here:

{$80 as a preferred customer or $110 retail}

viewer2 408x528 Whats Your Nightly  Moisturizing Routine?
63202926610D38245F66E1B8F2DBB3F8 Whats Your Nightly  Moisturizing Routine?

Author: Danielle Minnella

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