Great Foundation for Problematic Skin from Urban Decay



For the last month I have been using a VERY expensive heavy coverage foundation that holds all day long and looks beautiful, but seemed to be contributing to acne. I was suspicious because foundation that doesn’t budge from your skin with hot water and rubbing cannot be good for allowing the kin to breathe. Nonetheless, I am a makeup artist and good looking skin is essential for my job, so away I would go applying this foundation day after day. I had a 10 day stretch of days that I was not working and decide I was going to let my skin ‘restart’ and vowed to wear no makeup. Right! Well, I did wear makeup, but only concealer, a light powder and mascara.

The result? My breakouts that seemed to be from the foundation started to dry out and no new ones were coming. I went to my local Sephora and told the clerk what I had been using. She took one look at my skin and I got a shake of the head with a ‘no way!’. I was using one of the worst foundations for acne prone skin and I was maaaad. My first thought was “why would a brand make a product that contributes to breakouts?” which was promptly followed by “wow, they are geniuses!”. It totally makes sense! Make makeup that increases the need for makeup, but produce a makeup that gives fantastic coverage so the consumer will not look anywhere else for the coverage for these newly created breakouts.” Ugh, so gross.

So after my own ‘experiment’ I found a problematic product and replaced it with Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup (that’s a mouthful). After one week of using this foundation, I have less breakouts and continue to wear my foundation everyday. The plethora of shades allows one to truly match their skin with the perfect shade and the formula is so lightweight and thin that very little makeup is needed to cover the face. Dont let lightweight and thin fool you though, the coverage with this foundation is perfect. You will have skin that is dewey, balanced, healthy looking and have less visible imperfections. If you have a large red pimple or the like, you will still need concealer, but that is likely with any foundation.


I highly recommend Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup for anyone, but especially those with acne prone skin like myself. You will get the coverage that you need, but still allow your skin to breathe and remain clear. The foundation retails for $38 at


My Latest Zit Zapper From Dermalogica


We have all had that moment that we just finished a fantastic workout at the gym and realize that now we have to wash our face with the dreaded pump soap because we left our face wash at home. Now we don’t have to!

It is no secret to our site that I struggle with having acne prone skin and this has been a constant battle since I had my second baby. I have established a pretty successful routine, but when I get set back the most is when I don’t have time or the ability to wash my face.  I break out for days if I don’t wash 2 or 3 times a day!

Dermalogica has created a pack of 20 remoistened wipes in the mediBac line that contain Salicylic acid and can surely help acne prone skin in a pinch. I keep these around my house, in my gym bag, and one in my purse. If I should ever find that I am somewhere that I MUST wash my face, I just use a wipe. It sure beats hand soap. The wipes retail for $18 per pack (20 wipes) and can be purchased at


New Year, New Palette! Laura Mercier’s Glamour Wardrobe



Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! I spent lots of time with family and received some great gifts. Best gift of all was finding out that it’s a boy I’m expecting in June! While I would love to have a mini me to do mani and pedis with, little boys are the sweetest :)

No holiday would be complete without a makeup palette! Mom hooked it up this year (as always) with this Glamour Wardrobe from Laura Mericer ($98). The two level palette holds gorgeous eye shadow shades on the top and lip and cheek colors on the level underneath.

Can’t wait to play and post the pictures!


Naked Cosmetics: What I’m Loving Right Now



Naked Cosmetics

Truthfully I was never a loose pigment fan. I always found them to be messy and so therefore I never took them out of my kit. When I was sent these I sort of changed my mind.

These are a homerun! First what I really like about them is that they are not so dusty when you open the container so loose powder doesn’t come spilling out. You can feel the high quality in these powders.

They are marketed as being able to use them as eye shadow, eye liners, blush , lips and even mixable with clear nail polish.

They sell mixing medium but I used my own medium ( either water or any liquid eye sealers and of course clear gloss for the lips)

These pigments are sold individually or in a collection  of 6.

Here I got the  Blushing Bronze Collection, Look how pigmented and rich they look!

Colors from left to right  on my arm :  BB1, BB2, BB3, BB4,BB5, BB6

Colors range from light pink to a rich brown in this Blushing Bronze Palette. This is a very soft natural color palette. Takes you from day to night, mixing is endless.

Check out their products  There are about 20 collections or individually over 100 shades  from shocking bright to neutrals.

They are 100% color . No waxes, fillers, talcs or oils.

Collection of 6 sells at $59.99 and or each individual pot sells at $14.99

Check out these colors and collections


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