Keep Your Lips Happy This Winter



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Your  buying  chap stick after chap stick  but still feeling the rough dry  lips???  Welcome to  W I N T E R  the time of year when dry  flaky  lips sneak up on us!

Dry cracked lips = aesthetically not pleasing and  inhibits the ease of  applying lipstick.  So if your interested in scrubbing off those flakes  and keeping your lips nourished keep reading!

I cannot stress enough that licking your lips especially in the dry winter months is going to keep your lips chapped and damaged looking.  I was guilty of  doing  it , we probably all do it unconsciously. The main reason I was doing it was because my lips were dry, so try  these steps in gaining back a moisturized pout!


Exfoliating your lips will polish off the flakiness , choose a lip scrub  like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish { $22.50 } It exfoliates and keeps lips hydrated . You can use your finger or better yet I like to use a soft bristle tooth brush and gently go in a circular motion. Wash off and repeat until you no longer see those dead skin cells.


Follow  up the exfoliation with an SPF  lip balm .  I love the  Sugar Lip Balm spf15  {$22.50} Lips will look moist and perhaps kissable !! This product contains sugar which apparently is a natural humectant which keeps your lips moist. Glides on so smoothly also contains antioxidants and nourishing oils. Seems like a ton of money for a lip balm but it works better than any lip balm I have used.

At night before I go sleep  I like to use the Laura Mercier Lip Silk {$22} I keep it right at my bedside.   When I wake up in the morning my lips look a bit fuller and  feel nourished. This product is fragrance free and that’s why I love it at night. Feels like a vaseline but works so much better. You don’t need SPF at night so why waste it, save the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm for the day.

Consistency with these products is key..I only use the sugar polish as I see flakiness but the  two  balms I use daily.

Don’t forgot to stop licking those lips..!!

Happy Winter!!

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Author: Danielle Minnella

Clear Acne with an Anti-Aging Product?!


Korres Clear Acne with an Anti Aging Product?!

After I had my son I struggled with acne like I never have before. I tried many products to get rid of my acne and it seemed that everything only made it worse. I went in for my check-up with my doctor and she basically told me it was hormonal acne and would be sticking around for a while. I was then on a mission to find something that would clear my skin.

I have gone back to my old favorites that always helped clear my skin in the past and, again, they just made it worse and more painful. Salicylic Acid? Didn’t work. Benzoyl Peroxide? No way. I couldn’t understand it. As a Makeup Artist, having bad skin is terrible for business and I was scared to face my clients.

One day while walking through Sephora I struck a conversation with a very nice woman who, apparently, worked with the brand Korres. If you have read some of my other articles, you will see that I have a love for this line, but had tried their acne clearing products that, in the past, always worked for me, but unfortunately not now. She told me about their Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Night Cream ($52) and I immediately dismissed her saying I did not need a night cream for aging. She insisted that I trust her and told me about how the line has Oak Bark in it (my preexisting knowledge of oak bark’s anti-acne properties then had me interested!) and she made me samples. I used this product for two weeks. In that two weeks I saw my skin completely change. There were very few new breakouts, the old ones were drying up, and my skin seemed more supple and even toned. I had started a new medication about the same time I was trying this product and thought maybe that was the reason my skin was clearing up. When my samples ran out, I let my skin ‘do its thing!’ and it was not pretty. My skin reverted back to the tender, breakout prone mess I had a few weeks prior.


The moral of the story? Not only does this stuff work to combat aging and wrinkles, it (unknowingly to those that originally created it) now is well known for curing hormonal acne. Not all acne, this bit is important! I found great success with this product and if you find yourself battling hormonal acne, you might want to try this Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Night Cream. You will be thrilled with your results!






Favorite Products of the Week- 12/3/12


faves12 3 12 Favorite Products of the Week  12/3/12

As the holiday season approaches, I find myself at the mall more often then usual and because I am a beauty addict, I am often found at the beauty counters! I have included some of my favorite new purchases from this past week, but also some of my favorites from the last couple months.

1) Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup ($36). This. Foundation. Rocks! I tried this only because I had tried on a lipgloss and had no foundation on (a big no no!) and ended up loving it. I have been wearing it almost daily and get so many compliments. One note: If you have dry skin, stay clear of this foundation as it is meant to keep a face from getting oily and this will only look cakey on your skin. I apply this with my Sigma Round Kabuki Brush ($18) and it looks airbrushed. I can wear it from 7:30am- bed with no touch ups. Give it a shot! You may love it just as much as I do!

2) Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Lipstick in Stay Coral ($25). This has become my ‘one’ color. You know, the color you can wear with everything. Yesterday, I went to the grocery store in black sweats and a black baseball cap (All black? I’m always in all black! I’m a New Yorker, it’s our wardrobe). Last minute, I decided to put on my foundation (see #1), mascara and run out the door. I made a quick decision to put this lipstick on too and it worked! I usually will not wear lipstick in sweats as it feels overdone, but this was an exception. This is also the same color I wore out to dinner with my girlfriends last week. It’s versatile and I’m in love!

3) Benefit Girl Meets Pearl ($30). I use this as a highlighter on places like my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, inner corners of my eyes and cupids bow. Even with a full coverage, matte foundation, this gives my face a beautiful glow. It soaks right into the skin so there is no residue on top of your foundation. Love using powder on top of all your makeup? This still shows through! It is beautiful in person, but even more beautiful in pictures so I use it on my brides especially. I have tried many illuminating products, but the pink tint to Girl Meets Pearl really meshes well with my skin tone.

4) Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner in Metallic Bronze ($22). This is another one of my go-to products. I have blue eyes, so using a bronze on my lids really makes the blue pop (tip for blue eyed babes!) and this liner stays all day. I am a makeup artist, so to say I have a plethora of makeup is an understatement, but I have recently compiled my own kit that is just for me. This liner is in it in many colors! I apply it by drawing a super think line across my lashes and blending up until my whole lid is covered. I then apply mascara… that’s it! It has fantastic pigmentation and makes my eyes pop!

5) Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation ($65). So this powder comes with a hefty price tag, but I have found that it is one that gives me the coverage I need and doesn’t cause breakouts. I use a powder brush and apply this in a circular motion all over my face. I wear this alone on days I just don’t feel like wearing full makeup or on top of my full makeup if I am looking for a completely  full coverage with a matte finish. Bella Pierre is a brand that carries so many fun colors and products, check them out!

6) Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum ($55). I am mom of two kids, so sleep is often optional. However, looking like I haven’t slept for a week is never optional. To keep my dark circles and bags at bay, I apply this morning and night. It comes with a dropper and the best way to apply it is: pull the dropper out of the bottle and squeeze its contents back into the bottle. Now, without squeezing the dropper, dip it back in and pull it out. The little drop that is on the tip is all you need for each eye. Seriously! This bottle has lasted me 5 months and isn’t even half gone. Well worth the money if you ask me because it lasts forever and it works!


I hope that you now have some input to get out there and try some of these products if you have been thinking of doing so or if you are just looking for new recommendations. If you try them, let us know how you feel about them!


Thank you for reading, Beauties.





Mani Monday with LAQA & CO.



LAQA e1354580180181 Mani Monday with LAQA & CO.

We have been long standing fans of LAQA & Co.’s nail products so when they sent me a shipment of new nail products, I was giddy!


I tried out a new nail design with their new products and the outcome was great! I love the gold ‘rim’ along the top of my nails with the dark base. To achieve this look, I used two LAQA & Co. colors: “Bells & Whistles” and from their All That Glitters line- “Chubs”.


LAQA2 e1354583694838 Mani Monday with LAQA & CO.

I first did two coats of Chubs (a shimmer, liquid gold color) then once it was dry, I painted a half moon shape with Bells & Whistles (a deep, plum color). For this step, I followed the shape of my cuticle, but stayed about a half inch from it. Follow the same area with a second coat of Bells & Whistles.


I love this combination, but will definitely be wearing these gorgeous colors solo as well!




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